February 27, 2018

Couple enjoying outdoor patioWhen you finally leave the 9-5 grind and you have an entire weekend in front of you, for some people, the last thing you want to do is spend your entire weekend working on your yard.

Granted, it’s not that hard to run a lawn mower every other week, water the grass and sprinkle it with a healthy dose of fertilizer a couple of times a year?

However, how much is your time worth?

Are you actually working harder, not smarter?

The reality is lawn and yard maintenance is harder than you think. While running around your front yard with a lawn mower may help you keep up with your weekly workout steps; a healthy and lush looking lawn requires a lot of work and expertise.

You need to maintain proper aeration, use expert soil analysis to determine what fertilizer to use, ensure proper control and keep weeds outs.

Between keeping up with the latest fertilizers in the market and the new risks associated with your favorite pesticide, you might find yourself exposing you and your loved ones to more harm than necessary.

There are different factors to consider if you are looking to maintain a healthy-looking lawn:

Mowing Education

Every time you opt for the DIY route, you will find yourself choosing to cut the grass as short as possible to prevent the frequency of your lawn mowing sessions.

While this may seem like a smart move, taking out too much grass stresses the blades, making it more prone to disease and pests.

Professionals understand the right height for different types of grass, thus your grass will grow healthier with a stronger and deeper root system, which improves hydration.

This way, your lawn looks fuller and more attractive all year round.

Abstract: Tree growing out of book.Fertilizer Application

How confident are you that the fertilizer you got at the store is the right one for your grass at this time of the year?

The fertilizer choices you make can affect the health of your grass, with dire consequences on the environment.

Over-fertilizing your lawn gives a false sense of progress; too much nitrogen may make your grass look thicker, however, it does not improve root growth creating unnecessary pressure below the surface.

Other fertilizer types burn the laws and runoff entering and poisoning groundwater.

Professionals will choose the right type and amount for different seasons.

Since they maintain records of your lawn, they will come to you at the right time, giving your lawn the love and care it deserves.

Equipment and Product Handling

Basic equipment handling requires that you sharpen your lawn mower regularly to avoid tearing the grass blade and for a clean cut, that protects your grass from diseases and damage.

Be honest, when was the last time you sharpened the blades of your mower?

In addition to your lawn mower, you need a whole plethora of professional equipment to keep your grass healthy all year round.

Professional landscapers serve a wide range of clients and take pride in providing you with the best equipment for your lawn.

You can trust that your grass will receive the TLC is deserves.

Additionally, the small fee you pay to the professionals does not compare to the crippling amounts you may have to pay to maintain or replace your equipment when it fails due to age or mishandling.

Additionally, professional lawnmowers have licenses and permits that give them access to fertilizers you may not find at your local store.

Working with professionals also saves you from worrying about your children or their friends getting into the fertilizer.

Environmental Protection

Fertilizers and pesticides in the hands of an inexperienced professional may create more problems then solve.

They can create serious health and environmental concerns if handled improperly.
If you have animals in the home that feed on vegetation, you risk exposing them to harmful chemicals.

You need to also consider the potential runoff of chemicals from a passing storm or rain shower.

family on grass in front of house.Value For Your Time

What sounds better?

Spending your Saturday running a lawn mower around the yard or setting up a picnic in your backyard as you run after your children on a Saturday afternoon?

There is no value in taking risks that might put you, your loved ones and the environment in danger while you good invest your time in activities that add value to your life.

Your time is valuable; let the professionals sweat the small stuff while you spend your time on the things that really matter such as your family and your professional growth.

Dependability and Consistency

When you are looking to keep your lawn looking healthy all year round, you might feel the need to invest your time and resources keeping up with “The Jones”.

However, unexpected events such as a trip abroad for a work assignment or a sudden trip with your loved ones might have you far away from your lawn when it needs your attention.

While working with professionals, they will schedule all the work needed for your lawn, with a team coming in even when you are away.

You can trust that they will take care of your yard even when you skip town.

DIY Tips

If you still believe in DIY, you are better off working alongside professionals.

The landscaping company you engage will help you with tips to help you get your feel of the land on a regular basis without exposing yourself.

Let the professionals handle bigger projects like mulching and fertilization.

They will be able to help provide you with the right combination of materials for your specific lawn and soil composition.

When to Call a Professional

The team of professionals at Twin Oaks Landscape understands what your lawn needs throughout the year.

They will keep the grass looking lush in readiness for the summer birthday parties and even help you maintain a kitchen garden with your favorite herbs.

If you are looking for a professional lawn and landscape maintenance crew for your home, consider giving Twin Oaks Landscape a call today for a free estimate on your property.