June 10, 2017

girl collecting tomatoes in her dressFertilizer or plant food allows gardens and lawns to grow better. It adds nitrogen and other essential nutrients to the soil. Just like people, plants require certain chemicals to grow. Plant food provides plants with those chemicals. A hardware store recommends looking at the count of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium on the fertilizer bag that you buy.


Vegetable Garden

Growing great fruit and vegetables requires that they have enough plant food. Many garden plants are too small because the owners are not aware of the necessary nutrients that their particular type of plant requires.

It is possible to make plant food at home using your own dead plants. It requires developing a compost pile. You grab food scraps and dead leaves and put them outside for a while. It helps if they are chopped up into little pieces. Gradually, the raw organic matter decays and turns into a soggy mass that is useful for adding nutrients to your garden.


Proper Equipment

Getting the right type of fertilizer spreader is important. For a lawn, it is helpful to have a mechanical spreader that sprays the plant food over a large area. Some of these machines operate by hand pump. You rotate the pump, and it distributes the hard chemical plant food over a broad area.

The DIY network warns about the danger of too much fertilization. Sometimes, in our urgency to get the lawn or garden growing, it is easy to add too much plant food. This can damage the plant. Thinking in a balanced manner protects your garden from chemical burns. Plants have sensitive fibers and cells, and these can be damaged if too many heavy salts are added to the soil.


Organic Plant Food

Some types of plant food are developed from dung or manure. Although this might sound gross, it is actually a helpful product to consider if your garden is stubbornly refusing to grow. Manure often has well-digested nitrogen and it is more environmentally conscious than synthetic plant food. Synthetic plant food is often not as biodegradable as manure. Although manure smells bad, it is good to consider using it for your garden if you like protecting the environment. Manure can increase the quality of your soil over the long term. This is helpful if you want to have a garden that lasts years.

To treat a garden properly requires paying attention to the amount of plant food that each plant is getting. Some plants might be more susceptible to being over fertilized than others. Wet lawns might fail if they are over fertilized.


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