Keep Your Yard Beautiful With Our Site Care and Enhancements Program

Garden Pond With RaindropsAnyone who has attempted to maintain a lawn, garden or common area knows the effect the passing seasons can have on the plants therein. Every season presents its own unique challenges: pests and dryness in the summer, falling leaves in autumn, freezing in winter and the need for rejuvenation in the spring.

Weeds can spring up in any season, as many of them are extremely resilient. These elements can really put a damper on the natural growth cycle of your plants, not allowing them to thrive or reach their full potential.

Fortunately, Twin Oaks is here to help. We’ll stick with you throughout the seasons, providing your plants with the help they need to continue on their way without any more difficulty than they would naturally endure. Our site care and enhancements program are extremely extensive, and the services we offer under that banner are very diverse. Here are a few of them.

  • Visits: We will visit your site once a month during the growing season to ensure that all is well and to identify any treatments which will need to be made.
  • Weed Control: We’ll help contain, or even eliminate, the spread of weeds by applying our pre-emergent weed control program in the early spring and mid-summer. From May to October we offer a post-emergent weed control program which will see us visiting your property once a month. During this program, we will utilize herbicides which are powerful and effective but perfectly safe. It should take little more than a week for you to see a noticeable change in the look of your yard.
  • Weeding: If need be we’ll remove your weeds by hand, taking care to ensure that they are fully removed. We will personally dispose of any debris we create during this process. We’ll also clean any and all walks, patios, decks and driveways which might have been affected by this process.
  • Maintenance: We can help you cut back perennials and groundcovers, or just about any other vegetation for that matter.
  • Your Green Thumb: We’ll ensure every visit, that your lawn and other plants are receiving the level of moisture and nutrients they require to thrive.

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Our site care and enhancements program are detailed and thorough because we know how important your lawn is to you. Let us step in and make the necessary changes, to create and maintain your beautiful outdoor spaces.

We promise your yard will have never looked better.

We want to help you maintain the outdoor space you’ve always wanted.  Contact Twin Oaks Landscape today about our maintenance services.