Prepare for the Winter With Twin Oaks

Winter can be a very difficult time, especially for us in the Midwest. There’s a lot to worry about when winter sets in.

When a large winter weather event hits, are you prepared to brave old man winter? 

With one call to Twin Oaks, you won’t have to worry about those elements nearly as much, if at all. We have a number of winter-specific services which we are willing and able to perform for our clients.

With our help, you won’t have to be a victim of the season. Don’t let a little snow and ice slow you down.

Take control of your winter experience with Twin Oaks and experience the kind of freedom that having an experienced knowledgeable contractor at your side can provide.


What Services Can Twin Oaks Provide?

  • Pre-Season Evaluations: First of all, you can meet with us before the season even starts to assess any pre-existing conditions or damages which might make the effects of winter more impactful than usual. We’ll inspect your property carefully, warning you about any potential issues, and work with you to make whatever preparations are necessary. Indeed, Twin Oaks can help you avoid some unfortunate surprises down the line. We’ll even put stakes down to ensure that when we plow or clear snow away we won’t be damaging anything important.
  • Plowing: Twin Oaks is happy to plow your driveway, provided you have at least two inches of accumulated snow therein. Simply call us and we’ll give you an estimated start time, taking into consideration further weather predictions, conditions and any other appointments we might have which could interfere. We’ll clear any and all snow up to three inches to a foot away from your stakes and three inches away from your property or any other structures nearby.
  • winterbranchSidewalk and Garage Clearing: We at Twin Oaks believe that you should never let snow get in the way of your general mobility. We offer sidewalk and garage clearing services, ensuring that you’ll be able to reach your front door and your garage without difficulty. When we plow we can only get so close to your property. With shovels we can get closer, ensuring that snow won’t be able to slow you down. This will generally be done at the same time as the plowing.
  • De-Icing: Most of us know the unpleasant reality of slipping on a patch of black ice. However, there’s no reason you have to experience that scenario this year. We’ll de-ice your driveway, sidewalk, porch, and walkways so you can move around your home’s exterior with confidence.
  • Snow Removal: Whether we plow it up or remove it with shovels, we’ll take any and all snow from your area and haul it elsewhere. This service can be performed at an hourly rate. Just when we’ll be able to do it will depend on our schedule, as well as the size of your job and the number of resources needed to complete it.

We want to help you get through old man winter. Utilize our winter and snow removal services, so you don’t have to worry about digging out after a weather event. Contact Twin Oaks Landscape today to learn more about our maintenance services.