OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASoil erosion is a natural process, but one which can devastate a yard over time. If it is allowed to continue, it can radically alter the look of your yard, shifting its landscape and even leaving holes in its wake. However, though soil erosion occurs naturally, it can largely be prevented through careful planning.

Soil erosion is caused by two main factors: wind and water.

Obviously, your yard will come into contact with both of these elements with some regularity. However, not every yard which is introduced to these elements will experience soil erosion, and some which do will not necessarily experience it to the same degree.

There are many ways to lessen or even negate the effects of soil erosion, and Twin Oaks can help you accomplish just about all of them. Here are two possible causes of soil erosion as well as two methods by which you can eliminate said erosion in your yard in no time.

Proper Gutter and Downspout Installation

The Problem: Soil erosion is commonly caused by rain, but that’s certainly not the only method by which excess water can find its way to your yard. Take a close look at your gutters and downspouts. The whole point of these devices is to minimize the ill effects of water by moving it to a more desirable location. However, many people have gutters and downspouts which simply dump the excess water they contain into the owner’s yard. This excess water can, in turn, lead to soil erosion, as well as foundation damage. The water in gutters and downspouts travels fast, and its speed makes it more likely to cause soil erosion.

The Solution: This one is simple. All you’ll need to do is replace, or at least augment/alter, your gutter/downspout system. The answer is to install a daylight exit which will carry the water away. You won’t have to worry about the effects of it being dumped in your yard anymore. Instead, it’ll head to a nearby storm drain or pond. Problem solved. Twin Oaks is ready and waiting to install a brand new system to better serve the needs of your yard, or to alter yours to make it more effective.

Barren Soil is at Greater Risk

The Problem: Barren soil is at much higher risk of having to endure serious soil erosion at some point. With nothing to hold it in place, it’s basically at the mercy of the wind and rain.

Family and Dog on grass of house.

The Solution: This problem also has a very easy solution, namely that you should add more plants to your yard. Plants will help mute the effects of both wind and rain. They’ll slow down the rain. It also limits the impact of raindrops and other falling water by causing it to break before it hits the ground. Plants are also effective against both water and wind in that their roots hold the soil in place, preventing it from shifting.

If your yard is lacking in greenery, just call Twin Oaks Landscape. We’ll find the perfect plants for your specific application every time.

Twin Oaks Landscape can help with a custom drainage solution to meet your every need. Simply contact us to begin the process today.