June 10, 2016

lawn-fertilizationFeeding Your Plants

Most homeowners want a nice green lawn and shrubs. Maybe they even have trees and some flowers. Whatever the landscaping arrangement of your home is like, you want to keep it looking its best. We all know about watering and mowing. Most of us are also aware of the basics of trimming and pruning. But sometimes we forget about feeding. Like people, plants require the proper mix of nutrients to grow strong. A well fed plant is stronger, healthier, and better looking than an undernourished one. Feeding your plants properly is something every homeowner and gardener should learn to do.

What Does Your Yard Need?

There are plenty of different fertilizers on the market. If you have a normal lawn, you should fertilize based on what type of grass you have, and how old the lawn is. There are products specialized for new lawns, established lawns, and for winterizing lawns.

Some products only provide nutrients; some are “weed and feed” products designed to do two jobs at once. There are granular products you put in a spreader, and liquid products you apply with a sprayer or hose attachment.

If you have shrubs, bushes, trees, or other plants, they will likely require a separate product. Most fertilizers have numbers representing their quantities of three nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. So, for example, a bag of 5-5-5 contains 5% nitrogen, 5% phosphorous and 5% potassium. Other common ratios are 16-6-4 and 10-10-10.

Do you have a vegetable garden? You may want specialized products for your tomatoes. If you grow roses, there are products tailored for them as well. Although uncommon here in Ann Arbor MI, citrus trees require a special plant food as well. We have seen a few dwarf potted Meyer lemons in our time!

DIY vs Professional Help

If you have a standard lawn and a few flowers, applying these products yourself may make perfect sense. If you have a more specialized set up, it may benefit you to hire a professional.

A well trained landscaper or gardener will know exactly what to apply to your plants. Professionals also understand what quantities to use. These products must be applied to plants with care, because they can cause problems when too much is used. Roots can be burned and the plant may not recover from such damage.

Multicolored Flowerbed On A LawnWrapping Up

Healthy plant life is a bigger part of our home life than we realize. When landscaping is maintained properly, a home looks better. Property values are maintained. And living in a house with a healthy lawn, trees, and bushes just feels better. An orderly, healthy appearance contributes to a feeling of wellness for everyone who lives in the home.

If you have a lawn and garden in Ann Arbor MI that needs feeding, we would love to help. Putting our expertise to use can save you trouble in the long run. Call today, and we would be happy to discuss your needs with us. It’s our pleasure to provide you with an estimate.