bigstock-Ice-on-roof-and-gutters-52324966Ongoing maintenance of gutters and associated drainage is critical to the longevity of your dwelling structure. Over time, your gutter will collect debris from overhead trees, falling branches, roof debris and a collection of leaves.

This material will build up and, over a period of time, will create some serious drainage issues.

If these issues are allowed to continue they will only worsen and compound, with serious drainage ramifications for your home and property.

Properly cleaning your gutters and drainage systems on a frequent basis can minimize the number of problems which can include:

  • Ice dams that may cause water to leak in to the house
  • Wood and structure damage from leaking gutter & continued water saturation
  • Habitation of rodents within the drainage piping
  • Prevent excessive frost heave from saturated sub-grade soils
  • Prevent flooding in areas surrounding clogged drainage structures
  • Infestation of grubs, earwigs and other creatures in wet, organic-rich soils.

Regular Cleaning

Fortunately, there’s a fairly simple solution to the all too common problem of gutter clogging: regular cleaning. Simply checking your gutters regularly and removing any debris contained therein will prevent any of these issues from occurring.

Of course, cleaning gutters isn’t as easy as it sounds.

It requires the careful use of a ladder, and though the cost of regular maintenance is low, the risk is enough that you might be hesitant to clean your gutters yourself. You also might simply not have time. Gutter clogging is an ongoing issue, and as such it requires diligence to correct.

If you don’t have the time or the inclination, or you simply don’t feel safe doing it yourself there’s another solution. Twin Oaks is standing by to help you clean and maintain your gutters today.

The low cost of maintaining your structure’s drainage system can prevent expensive and unplanned repairs that may, unfortunately, may not be covered by insurance. Twin Oaks Landscape has the expertise, resources, and knowledge to complete the necessary maintenance activities and, as required, recommend additional corrective action in a professional manner.