Safely Maintain Your Trees with Twin Oaks

tree-service-maintenanceWe know that sometimes taking care of a tree can be a daunting thought. They’re large and often viewed as difficult to maintain and properly care for.

However, if you don’t take care of your trees there can be a whole host of negative repercussions.

Trees are beautiful, and they make the yards in which they grow simultaneously more dramatic and inviting. They provide shade to sit beneath, opportunities for play and an easy way to connect with the natural world. Some trees even blossom with flowers or provide fruit.

However, a dead or damaged trees and limbs can be an accident waiting to happen.

However, even if you maintain your tree well enough to allow it to survive you’ll still have to contend with the realities of its growth. Sometimes, trees will grow too wide or too tall and threaten their environment, growing too close to power lines or developing a large branch to hang precariously over a nearby residence. Yes, with every tree there are a number of potential risks, but that’s no reason to give up on them.

At Twin Oaks, we’re standing by to assist you with all of your tree-related needs.

How Can Twin Oaks Help You?

  • Trim and Prune: Most notably, our tree and shrub pruning program can really do wonders for your yard’s look and overall level of safety. For one thing, pruning keeps your plants healthy. During the process, we’ll remove dead or weakened branches and disease or insect-infested areas.  We will also cut away weak areas of your tree to assure a weakened branch will not damage you or your home.
  • Evaluation: Twin Oaks can evaluate your trees to find out if your tree needs some maintenance or pruning. Many times, while tree limbs may look dead or dying, it can be brought back to life with proper care and maintenance. We can safely remove any disease or dying limbs so they don’t fall accidentally in your yard.
  • Tree Removal: Sometimes a tree just can’t be saved. If you have a tree which is growing in an unfortunate location or one which has been badly ravaged by the elements, pests or disease, call us. We’ll evaluate the tree’s condition and let you know what can be done. If it needs to be removed we will do so, utilizing the proper equipment and techniques. We’ll even replace the tree for you if you wish.


If your trees or shrubs aren’t getting enough support from their environment, Twin Oaks can help. Using one of our personalized irrigation programs we can make sure that your plants are receiving the nutrients they require and the help they need.

If you’re interested in how to efficiently use water on your outdoor spaces, contact Twin Oaks Landscape today for an estimate.