Keep Your Lawn Healthy With Our Lawn Fertilizer and Aeration Program

In order for plants to thrive, they require a good, reliable supply of nutrients. The needs of every plant are somewhat different in this regard, but none can survive without some degree of aid from their environment. Sometimes this aid reaches the plants that require it naturally, but occasionally nature needs a little help.

If your plants aren’t receiving the nutrients they require you might find that they’re unable to sustain a normal growth cycle.

They might even be dying.

Fortunately, there are many ways of intervening. One excellent way to accomplish this is through the usage of fertilizer, material tailor-made to supply your plants with the elements they require to survive. Simply sprinkle it throughout your yard or common area and you might see quick improvement in the overall health of the area.


How Does Twin Oaks Handle Fertilizer?

  • If you require our aid in this area we’ll begin by treating the region with fertilizer a minimum of three times. If additional assistance is required we will continue the treatments, though we will generally not go beyond a seventh treatment. Remember, different plants need different levels of nutrients. The number of treatments we perform will depend largely upon the nature of your application. We base our work with fertilizer on the ideal soil conditions outlined by Michigan State University.
  • We begin accepting applications as early as March, a month in which soil often needs a little help springing back from winter. Often the turf will need to be “woken up” or refreshed to help it work effectively again for your plants.  We can also treat your soil in late autumn, applying dry minerals which can help your lawn stay healthy throughout the winter and aid its renewal in the spring.
  • We also offer a timed treatment to keep away beetles and prepare your plants for warmer temperatures.

However, sometimes fertilizer just isn’t enough. After all, the nutrients it contains will only be effective if they are allowed to reach the roots of the plants you’re attempting to aid. If your soil is too compacted this may not be possible. This is one of the reasons we recommend occasionally treating your lawn with a core aeration program like the one offered by Twin Oaks. When properly done, core aeration can revitalize your lawn and maximize its potential.

Benefits of Core Aeration

  • Alleviates compacted soil, allowing it to breathe and making it easier for nutrients, including those contained in fertilizer and water, to reach the plants they’re intended to help.
  • Reduces the number of attacks perpetrated by insects and other pests.
  • Makes your yard and the plants therein less susceptible to disease.
  • Keeps your plants healthier and allows them to grow more steadily. As such, your plants will have a greater visual impact and your yard will generally be more impactful.

We want to help you maintain the outdoor space you’ve always wanted.  Contact Twin Oaks Landscape today about our maintenance services.