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Twin Oaks Landscape is a full-service lawn and landscape maintenance company with a focus on residential and commercial properties.

We are comprised of a group of highly skilled lawn care professionals who are committed to a high degree of attention-to-detail and customer satisfaction.

Our employees take pride in each and every property they service and it shows by our reputation in the community. Given our 15+ years of experience, we are certain we have the skills needed to exceed your expectations!


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“We recommend Twin Oaks to any entity looking for a full-service, talented, and responsive provider.”

Therese Mahoney
Secretary/Treasurer of Doral Creek Condominium Association, Ann Arbor, Michigan


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April 6, 2021

7 Ways to Create a Low Maintenance Yard with Hardscapes

If you are looking for the latest landscaping trends that are low maintenance and high impact, hardscapes are the way to go. Hardscaping is every piece of your landscape design that is not vegetation. Hardscapes are man made features that can... Read More
April 2, 2021

Who Can Design a Solution for Yard Drainage Problems?

Everyone’s yard can be a little soggy after the spring thaw or a few days of heavy rain, but for many homeowners a soggy yard is more than just excess water. A yard with drainage problems can be soggy nearly all the time, no matter the weather or... Read More
March 22, 2021

Solutions for Drainage Issues Caused by High Levels of Clay Soil

If you are in the Ann Arbor area, chances are you have clay soil. All soil is a mix of clay, sand, and silt. Sandy soil has large particles that do not absorb water well. Silt has medium sized particles that absorb water well, but do not retain... Read More
March 19, 2021

Our Clients Win with the New Twin Oaks Training Program

Training is a necessary step toward quality, efficiency, and safety. That is why Twin Oaks Landscape is proud to have taken the leap to add a training program for our new employees. Most landscape companies do not invest in employee training.... Read More
March 5, 2021

Landscape Contractor Provides Design Services

Landscaping is essential to your home’s curb appeal and its value. If you are considering adding new landscaping or completely revamping your current design configuration, a design-build service might be the best option. Design-build services... Read More
February 26, 2021

Is Your Outdoor Living Space Ready for Spring?

Last year most of us spent more time than we may have expected at home, and many of us found ourselves wishing for a more enjoyable outdoor living space. Spending time at home can be time very well spent if the design is right, and there are plenty... Read More
February 24, 2021

Update Your HOA Landscape Design This Year

Landscaping design and maintenance is one of the most important jobs an HOA board will need to tackle. It’s easy to auto-pilot through your landscaping tasks with the same old contractor you’ve had for years, but that might not be producing the... Read More
February 12, 2021

Start Planning for Your New Patio Now

Ultimately, you want your outdoor areas to be an extension of your indoor living spaces. After spending so much time at home, many homeowners are looking at their property with fresh eyes, and visualizing the potential that awaits. A paver patio can... Read More
January 27, 2021

Questions to Ask Before Signing an HOA Landscape Contract

The highest expense of most HOAs is landscape maintenance, and as an HOA board, hiring the right landscape contractor is one of the most important jobs. The appearance of the common areas will drive up property values, attract the right kind of... Read More
January 22, 2021

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Patio Design

If you are looking to expand your outdoor living space this spring, now is the right time to be thinking about your patio design. Although it seems like a simple addition to your home, there are many questions you will need to ask yourself before... Read More