Connect With Nature By Creating Your Hardscape With Stone

bigstock-Natural-Stone-Landscaping-3118267 If you want to enhance your home in a quick and easy way consider a hardscape. We offer a number of them, everything from patios to walkways and garden paths to decks and verandas to outdoor kitchens and fireplaces.

No matter what you require, Twin Oaks can help. However, if you’re looking for a new pathway, driveway or some edging around your garden or patio, consider natural stone.

Both beautiful and durable, natural stone comes in a huge range of variations for every taste and aesthetic. Each variation has different characteristics and uses. Together with the help of Twin Oaks Landscape, you will be able to find the perfect kind of stone for your specific application.

Considerations For Natural Stone

  • Durability: Natural stone is slightly expensive than some other hardscape materials, but it also lasts for a very long time. Considering that, the price is actually extremely reasonable. In general, however, stone is a strong material. It can ensure a great deal of abuse from inclement weather, making it a good choice for areas that receive a lot of snow or rain.
  • Requires Little Maintenance: As you might guess from its level of durability, the stone doesn’t need a lot of help. If you’re going to use it near a barbeque you might want to use a sealer to avoid staining. If it gets scuffed up you can repolish it. Other than that, just give it a sweep and clean it with a bit of water and you should be fine.
  • Variety: Natural stone is available in a wide variety of colors (like brown, red, grey or black) and textures, everything from smooth to rugged. On top of that, the sheer number of types of stone available is remarkable. Slate, travertine, granite, marble, flagstone, limestone… the list goes on. There are in fact hundreds of varieties. This ensures that there’s a stone out there to match your tastes, whatever they might be.
  • Versatility: Natural stone can be used in a number of ways, including walkways, driveways or edging. Different stones have different characteristics, and some are better for certain jobs. If you’re looking for the right stone to match your application, just contact Twin Oaks for a free consultation. We’ll find the perfect stone for your ideal hardscape.

With our 3D Design, you can see your stone, before work even begins on your hardscape project. Switch around different stones and find a style that’s right for you. Let Twin Oaks create the perfect hardscape for you.