Cracked FoundationMany of us know the unfortunate effects of water leakage and flooding firsthand.  When it enters your basement, potentially through cracks or weak points in its foundation, a whole host of issues can emerge.

There are a good many ways that water can get into your basement. Generally, it’ll make its way in through flaws in your foundation walls. A good way to prevent leakage is to waterproofing of these walls.

Identify The Leak

Generally, the soil nearby has become oversaturated. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you’ve been experiencing some heavy rain lately. Maybe your gutters are clogged and water isn’t being allowed to travel elsewhere, causing it to pool nearby. Also, water might be gathering due to a landscaping issue.

These are some of the many factors that determine whether or not flooding will occur.

If you’re experiencing flooding, or you’re worried that you might be soon, call Twin Oaks Landscape. Our expert team will investigate your water drainage situation. They’ll examine numerous factors in an effort to discover what might be causing your particular problem, questions like:

  • Your Sump Pump: Do you have a sump pump? How often does it run? Is it working steadily or does it rarely turn on?
  • Your Water Path: Where does your sump pump lead? Is the water being dumped far enough away that it is no longer a liability to your property?
  • Your Foundation: How old is your home’s foundation? Is it cracking or leaking? Have you noticed any excessive moisture in the area?
  • Your Drains: Does your home have perimeter drains or is the nearby landscaping conducive to future leaking?

At Twin Oaks Landscape, we use a drainage camera that travels through your system to assess the condition of your drains. Based on the results of the testing, we can figure out a drainage solution for your home or commercial property.

Twin Oaks Landscape can help with a custom drainage solution to meet your every need. Simply contact us to begin the process today.