June 11, 2018

It’s that time of year again. The fast approach of Summer means the grass is beginning to grow, flowerbeds need to be spruced up, and yards need to look their best. For some of us, all that work outside is just too much to manage on our own. We don’t have the equipment, time or talent to bring beauty back to our property.

For some of us, we simply have no interest in doing the work ourselves.

That’s where a little-hired help can be a good thing. Everywhere you look, there are landscaping company signs popping up, promoting mom-and-pop businesses, neighborhood teens looking for a summer job, and well-known landscape companies trying to gain your business. How do you know who to choose? Isn’t the cheapest price quote the best option? It can be tempting to think that, as long as the grass gets cut, it doesn’t matter who does it.

But, is that really true? Is the neighborhood lawn guy just as good as the big-name companies?

A true apples-to-oranges comparison will show property owners like you exactly what kind of service you can expect when choosing between a mower and a professional landscape provider. Then you can decide what the best choice is for you and your property.

Level of Experience

Most people know how to use a lawnmower. The sheer mechanics aren’t that difficult. However, there is a right and a wrong way to mow a lawn. Professional lawn care providers know that dull mower blades will damage grass. Grass can be mowed too short and too often.

Not all grass types are right for certain regions, soil compositions, and personal needs. Too often, the neighborhood mower simply mows the grass and that’s it. The years of experience, professional training, and horticultural knowledge that the pros have will help ensure your lawn is always looking its best.


It takes more than just a lawn mower to keep a lawn looking its best. Trimmers, edgers, blowers, spreaders, de-thatchers, aerators, sprayers, rakes and other tools all perform essential functions in helping a lawn remain healthy and beautiful. Many individuals who perform lawn mowing services often have limited resources and equipment to get the job done. But, maintaining your property is also so much more than just mowing a lawn.

You may have trees and shrubs, flower beds and hardscapes that need attention and care. Does your neighborhood lawn guy have the experience and equipment necessary to handle a full scope of landscaping needs?

Maybe, maybe not.

But, you can be confident knowing that a professional landscape designer probably will.

Level of Professionalism

When you hire someone to come and perform regular maintenance on your lawn and property, remember that you’re paying for more than just a grass trimming. Anybody working on your property is also a representative and reflection of you among your neighbors.

When you hire a professional Landscape Design team, you’re also paying for uniformed workers, clean vehicles, background checks and trustworthy service

Payment Options

With many independent mowing services, you’re expected to pay in cash. This may or may not be great for you. With most professional lawn care providers, you have the ability to set up ongoing accounts with monthly billing with various payment options including cash, check, credit card and online bill pay.

What method works best for you and your accounting needs?

Dedicated Account Management to Make Sure the Job’s Done Right

How many horror stories have you heard from someone who’s constantly complaining about the “lawn guy who never shows up when he’s supposed to,” or the “guy who didn’t do the work he was hired for and then tried to charge twice as much as was agreed to”?

When you hire a professional landscape company to handle all of your lawn care needs, you also get peace of mind knowing that your account is being handled thoroughly and professionally. You will get the service you pay for every time, on time, completed the right way.

If you have a problem or a question with your same guarantee with a basic mowing service.

Liability and Accountability Matter

When a piece of lawn equipment damages your personal property, who’s going to cover the repair costs? Is there a sentimental rose bush or tree that was planted years ago on your property? When valuable plant life gets damaged due to a careless mower accident, who’s going to be held accountable?

If the lawn guy gets injured while trimming the grass, will you be held liable? The answers to these questions may be uncertain if you choose to hire the part-time mower from your neighborhood. But, if you choose to work with a professional licensed and accredited lawn care company, you’re also getting peace of mind knowing that they are insured to cover all of these circumstances and much more.

It may seem like the most convenient thing to just hire the first guy that comes to your door offering to cut your yard. You may think that you’re being nice by paying the young kid down the street to cut your grass over the summer. It’ll keep the neighbors from complaining and you’ll help a young person earn some spending money.

As noble as your motives are, it’s also important to remember that your lawn and landscape deserve the very best. Before anyone walks into your home or business, the property is the first thing they’ll see. What image do you want to send?

Twin Oaks Landscape Difference

At Twin Oaks Landscape, we know that your lawn deserves the very best. And your time and money are very valuable. You don’t want to spend your days arguing over costs and whether or not the job’s been done right. Our full-service lawn care options guarantee that you’ll get service you can trust every time.

Our experts have the skills and knowledge necessary to help your landscape reach its greatest potential. At Twin Oaks Landscape, we focus on your landscape so you can focus on what really matters.

To learn more about the full range of services offered at Twin Oaks Landscape, or to see an apples-to-oranges comparison of our services versus our competitors, simply call 734-213-6911 or visit www.twinoakslandscape.biz for more information.