April 2, 2018

Taking care of the landscaping around even a moderately sized home is time-consuming, physically exhausting and frequently frustrating. You need someone who can assist you and help you make decisions before you realize you need to make them. Having a dedicated landscape account manager can help you by anticipating your needs.

Here are just a few reasons for a homeowner to insist that they have a dedicated account manager from their landscape services company:

Walkway bordered by colorful flowersA Single Point of Communication

Does anyone enjoy working their way through the innumerable options in an automated response system? Nope. Similarly, no one wants to repeatedly inform a succession of people about needing a particular service with their landscape company. A dedicated account manager solves both of these problems in a heartbeat. Not only will they be will be familiar with the account but recurring problems can be dealt with quickly.

Oversee All Aspects of a Project

Since they deal with you regularly, a dedicated account manager learns to understand specific customers. They know when your grass needs to be mowed, when shrubs need to be pruned and when trees need to be trimmed. This is their specialty. They understand landscaping better than you do. A great landscape account manager will keep your landscape maintenance on schedule. If they see a need, they can take care of it. An account manager means better communication and better customer service.

A One-Stop Shop

A landscaping service doesn’t just provide lawn and maintenance services. Instead, they provide a host of other services from fertilizing and weed-killing through tree pruning and installation and maintenance of sprinkler systems and outdoor lighting. A good account manager will anticipate future needs as the season’s change and can help you meet any and all of your landscaping needs as they become apparent.

Address Customer Concerns

Sometimes you need a buffer. Maybe a concern hasn’t been addressed, or you need to add a service, your account manager can help you with any issues you may have in terms of your landscaping. Sometimes, storm damage and standing water can be overwhelming for a property owner. Your landscape account manager can help! They can offer solutions for drainage issues and storm damage, in addition to traditional maintenance on your property.

They Understand Your Property

Your property is unique to you. A dedicated account manager should know your property and its needs. In addition to staying on top of regular items like seeding, fertilization, trimming and other regular maintenance, they can also offer additional services. If you are considering adding a patio or outdoor seating area, talk to your account manager, they may offer hardscape services that include stone walls, patios, and pergolas.

They add value to the property

Without a doubt, good landscaping around a property – residential or commercial – adds far more value than it costs. It starts with first impressions but continues on when the ease of maintenance is considered. Additionally, a nicely landscaped property brings a higher price when sold. In other words, a few dollars spent now will yield an excellent return on investment when the property is sold in the future. You want to depend on the quality work your landscaping company does. By having a dedicated account manager, your landscape company is investing in its customers and their needs.

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