July 7, 2015

When is the best time of year to request the installation of outdoor lighting at your home? In our area, summer enjoys a well-deserved reputation as the ideal season for the completion of this improvement.

A Brightly Lit Winter LandscapeBackyard Pool House

Residents of Ann Arbor MI appreciate the ferocity of northern winter weather. Southern Michigan sometimes receives very significant snowfalls. Frosty temperatures and heavy snows in the coldest months of the year provide a strong incentive to homeowners to take action to request the installation of lights during summertime.

In fact, waiting too long to make this change sometimes frustrates a property owner. Ordering professional outdoor lighting installation now enables you to enjoy all the benefits of a brightly illuminated outdoor environment when inclement weather strikes. As daylight decreases later in the year, it’s reassuring to have ample lighting already in place along paths and entrances. This feature assists residents and their guests in avoiding accidental falls that sometimes result from the combination of slippery, icy weather, dark nights and insufficient visibility.

By making professional light installation outdoors a top priority now, you’ll enjoy the full benefits of returning home to a well-lit yard throughout the year. The arrival of the first snow in the fall should provide an opportunity for enjoyment, not concern.

The Advantages of Installing Outdoor Lights During Summer

Professional landscapers usually prefer to install outdoor lights during June, July, August or September. Several reasons support this practice, including:

Warmer temperatures facilitate the installation process;

  • The entire yard proves easier to visualize;
  • Ideal weather conditions prevail at this time of year;
  • More daylight permits flexible work hours;
  • Lights will be in place to assist residents when autumn arrives.

When lighting installation takes place during summer, residents also enjoy the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their new outdoor lights during a warm season of the year, a time when many households use backyards for picnics and outdoor social gatherings. Residents can obtain immediate feedback about their new lighting system from friends and neighbors.Lighting_large

Just consider the contributions professionally installed exterior lights make to a backyard family reunion, for instance. Instead of heading indoors at dusk, those in attendance can remain outside comfortably for a longer period of time. The presence of carefully placed, durable lights permits the household to entertain outdoors more easily.


So, for a variety of reasons, professional landscapers consider summer the ideal time of year for installing outdoor lights. They appreciate both the improved working conditions and the ability to receive immediate, accurate feedback from delighted customers.

Today’s excellent options for attractive exterior illumination make this service valuable for homeowners all year long. Yet in our area, few households choose to entertain outside on a frequent basis during colder months. Summer remains a perfect season to grow accustomed to a newly installed exterior lighting system.

Ann Arbor MI usually enjoys the excellent summer weather. This beautiful season remains the best time for light installation.

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