May 26, 2017

One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors is at home. Many homeowners want to have furniture that allows them to enjoy the landscape in their own backyards. Today’s designers make that easier than ever before in 2017. New trends in landscape furniture respond to the needs of buyers with innovative, thoughtful, and even, whimsical ideas that are sure to please anyone in search of the right outdoor furniture.

Today’s outdoor lifestyle is all about:

  • Color
  • Charm
  • Quality


Bright Colors

Homeowner’s today do not shy away from color. They know that a splash of bright red or a lively shade of aquamarine can help set a statement that is all about personal style. The use of colorful furniture can help any backyard feel like a haven from the world and art at the same time.


Calling on the Tropics

The warm hues of the tropics are also another style clearly visible in today’s outdoor landscaping furniture. Materials like rattan are popular. Companies are also offering materials like teak and bamboo with carvings like the traditional pineapple — a standard symbol of hospitality in the tropics. Buyers who want to use this theme should look for cushions in tropical prints.


Using Local Materials

Many homeowners in 2017 want to incorporate locally popular trends in their home decor. New England homeowners look to sources of inspiration that include Colonial days, leading them to pick out furniture that reflects this period for their backyard with clean lines and little ornamentation. Residents of the southern United States may turn to the antebellum period for inspiration, with more elaborate choices in furnishings that help create an outdoor room and take full advantage of the region’s mild climate.


Having Outdoor Fun For Everyone

The backyard is where people of all ages choose to gather today for fun time. Furniture trends reflect this use with innovative and useful items. Buyers are finding small scale pieces that allow children to comfortably sit in between dips in the pool. Older buyers are looking for furniture that allows them to get up more easily and enjoy the backyard even as they age.

Staying Green

Buyers today are even more eco-conscious than ever before. Companies are responding accordingly with green items. More and more buyers can now find furniture made from recycled materials that still looks wonderful. Buyers can also find items that do not emit harmful fumes and look great no matter the weather.


Quality is Back

Today’s buyers know exactly what they want and what they want is quality in their outdoor furniture. They want beautiful items that are made to last.

Careful research can help any buyer find exactly what they want at an excellent price. Buyers can locate outdoor furniture that is sure to turn their backyard into the perfect place to see nature firsthand.