April 11, 2017

One of the responsibilities you have if you are the owner of a business is maintaining a commercial landscape. It is a task that calls for more attention than the maintenance of a residential landscape, because you want to make it not just presentable and eye catching for prospective customers but also safe for them, your employees, and the public in general. Here are some tips on maintaining your landscape on commercial property:



The timing at which you perform your landscape care and all maintenance tasks associated with it should be organized to be the most effective and efficient. You should schedule for maintaining your commercial landscape at the right time so that it can bring about the effect you desire. You must water the plants that make up your landscape, prune them, and give them much needed mulch at precisely the right time so they can thrive. In the long run, it will save you time and money as well as resources. Take note of the growth cycles of the plants used in your landscape.



It is absolutely essential to utilize the right practices to maintain your landscape, particularly when it is around a commercial property. You will need the right tools for planting and for maintenance tasks such as pruning. Just like your landscape, your tools should be in good condition and properly maintained – with sharp blades for pruning. They should also be clean to ensure the best health of the plants that make up the landscape. Using tools with dull blades can result in your plants becoming injured. The best practice when you are maintaining landscape plants is to have clean, sharp blades so that the damage done during pruning is minimal and the plants can more easily heal. Properly maintained tools can also prevent the spread of disease to plants.



The truth is that every good landscape design includes well defined edges. They are the most transitional and active components of nature and include everything from sun, water, shade, woods, land, and fields. People walk around edges of landscapes all the time, whether they are simply walking on the street, maneuvering through their own yards or another person’s walkway and so on. It is imperative to have edges that stand out in your landscape, commercial or residential, so that it is easy to maneuver around. Edges in landscaping ensure that plants are well maintained and protected against damage. Of course, they also serve to beautify the landscape itself. Using the right edges in landscaping also helps to protect people who come onto your property, preventing them from potentially tripping and falling and getting injured. On the other hand, when they are improperly used, edging can cause damage to plants as vehicles or foot traffic comes into contact with them and can look very messy and disorganized.

When you take these three factors into consideration to take advantage of the effectiveness and efficiency of your commercial landscape, you will be ensuring that both your business and the landscape itself succeeds.