June 26, 2015

Your outdoor landscape project is not a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type of event. The end result can impact the value of your home, the amount of time you spend outdoors, and the impression your home gives within the community. A shoddy landscape job can cost you time, money, and maybe even your reputation if a cute hummingbird hovering at a flower to drink nectarthe wrong person is managing the project. The contractor that you select should always demonstrate professionalism, a commitment to industry standards, and a guarantee for customer satisfaction. Your contractor should always stand by the work he or she does build the design your project to the planned  A professional contractor will avoid cutting corners on a project. Your contractor will follow and meet every code, and build the design your project to the planned specifications.

Quality materials should never be sacrificed to save you money. Although you want your project to fall within the planned budget, poor quality materials can create an unsafe environment when your project is completed.

Proper installation standards must be met 100% of the time. Whether your outdoor landscape project includes the construction of a boulder wall, the laying of a paved patio, or the installation of electrical outdoor lighting, it is important that the installation process be followed through completely and properly.

Your finished work should last longer than the time it took to install it. This seems obvious on the surface, but your new plants shouldn’t die so quickly after they are planted. If they do, they may have been the wrong types chosen for your landscape. Your pavers should be perfectly flat, without waves or cracks. You’ve made a significant investment into your completed project, and it should have a long life expectancy that you can enjoy for years to come.

You really get what you pay for.

When you interview and consider various landscape contractors, it is natural to want to hire the individual or business that can do the job for the cheapest amount. Cost does matter, since the size of your budget will determine the extent of your landscaping project. When you look at the estimated cost of your project that the contractor quotes you, be sure to take these factors into consideration.

The training and expertise of the staff – Those who have undergone trainings, received industry certifications and accreditations, or have decades of on-the-job experience will probably charge more than an inexperienced contractor. However, along with that increased price comes the industry expertise that is needed to transform your landscape into something beautiful.IMG_1290

The commitment to industry and client standards and expectations – What is the contractor’s commitment level to the quality of work provided, industry standards, or your expectations? A mediocre contractor will most likely do the bare minimum and find short cuts to minimize costs wherever possible. An expert contractor will do everything possible to exceed your expectations and produce a finished design that meets and then exceeds all industry standards. The quality of the materials used for the project -It’s rather simple. Good quality materials cost more than cheap materials. Look at the guarantees that come with your materials. What is the life expectancy of your renovation? You might save a few dollars up front, but in the end, be forced to pay full price again to have the project redone after trees die prematurely, walls collapse, or electrical wiring proves faulty.

The company’s guarantee – A customer satisfaction guarantee is worth so much more than a slight initial savings on a project. You are the one that will be hopefully enjoying your newly landscaped yard long after the contractor packs up the truck and drives away. Your investment should be paying off long after the work is done. When you spend a little more for a contractor or landscaping company that guarantees their work, you are also getting the reassurance that your job will be done the right way, the first time, without sacrificing quality in the slightest way.