March 23, 2017

Beauty and practicality are the watchwords for landscape design in 2017. Homeowners want their landscape to be beautiful enough to turn heads. Here are some landscaping ideas and trends to consider:

Landscaped yard with brick pavers

Environmentally conscious gardeners choose plants that require little maintenance, such as self-sustainable plants that can thrive from rainfall. Plants that require less attention, like dwarf shrubs, decreases costs to the budget as well, making it an obvious choice. This goes for grasses that don’t need much work as well.


Fruits and Vegetables

The popular choice of turf grass has been replaced by vegetable and fruit gardens. Most kinds of turf grass, after all, need a lot of care, such as mowing, regular watering, fertilizing and aerating. Moreover, at the end of all that work it still can’t be eaten. Fruits and vegetables are not only edible but can be planted in ways that are very aesthetically pleasing.


Some gardeners plant their edible plants among flowers, and it’s important to know which flowers can exist happily with stands of lettuce or tomatoes. Azaleas and rhododendrons, for example, poison the ground around them, as do walnut trees.


Natural Materials

Paved stairs and stone retaining wall

Walkways and walls are moving away from the use of fake rocks and are more often being constructed from real stone and wood now. This wood is often found in old buildings that are no longer in use, such as barns and warehouses. Old railway ties are used to decorate pathways and make the frames for raised garden beds. The good thing about repurposed wood is that it’s already acclimated to the weather.

Water Features

waterfall with stone work

Of all landscaping ideas and trends, water features add a sense of peace to any landscape and do not have to be showy or expensive. They can range from water bubbling in a copper pot to a spectacular wall of water that pours down into a pool.

The 2017 landscape looks to be environmentally friendly and easy to maintain even as it loses nothing of its beauty and ability to give pleasure.