January 17, 2019

The first flakes of snow haven’t been fallen, but now is the time to think spring when it comes to the landscape of your commercial. As your lawn is being put to bed for the winter, you should go ahead and schedule your spring clean up maintenance service with your lawn and landscape contractor. Spring landscape cleaning doesn’t just add to your curb appeal by making things look clean and tidy. Spring cleanup tasks are done for the health of your landscaping, as well. By scheduling now, you will be guaranteed to have your property looking well groomed as soon as the snow thaws. Waiting until the last minute could mean yours in the last property your contractor gets to, or it could mean paying a premium instead of locking in a price now.

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A spring clean up is a must for your commercial property. Not only will a spring clean up of your property bring it back to life, but it will show customers you care. The appearance of your property’s exterior matters. It’s the first thing your customers see when they arrive. You want to convey a message of professionalism and trust.

The spring spruce up also ensure your lawn and landscape’s health and beauty months down the line. A spring clean up is much more than raking up leaves and debris. Yes, your lawn can’t live if it’s littered with twigs and damp leaves. However, other elements need attention, too. Areas of turf damaged by salt or snowplows will need to be replaced. Spring is also time to apply fertilizer and pre-emergent weed killer. In addition, several perennials will need trimming to rejuvenate and grow. The same goes for trees and bushes. They need to be pruned while they are still dormant and delaying a spring-cleaning of landscaping could mean it’s too late. Plus, an especially rough winter may have killed some living landscape elements and spring in the best time to replace them.

Safety Concerns

The neglected landscape doesn’t just make your property look shabby; it can be a safety concern too. Several concerns could be hidden by accumulations of leaves, branches, and clutter. Pavers that have come loose during freezing and thawing will need repaired, or risk a trip and fall. And overgrown tree branch could snag someone, or fall and cause damage during a high wind. Having your spring maintenance contract in place now will better prevent these potential problems and risk of putting your customers in harm’s way.

Pest Prevention

As soon as temperatures start creeping up, insects and other pests become more active too. And you don’t want them crawling around your well-manicured lawn and landscape. Your lawn and landscape contractor will be able to spot where rodents, bugs, and other pests might be hiding. Taking care of this in the spring can prevent infestations later in the year. Plus, they will be able to come up with landscape solutions to prevent furry friends or creepy crawlies from back.

Irrigation Check

It is important to properly care for your irrigation system year round. It has been sitting all winter and problems may have cropped up. Your landscape professional can check the water pressure and spray heads. The pros can also detect and repair any issues. This will make your system more efficient, which will save money. It will also ensure your sprinklers are ready when your yard needs it.

Contract Considerations

The cost of your spring lawn and landscape contract depends on several factors. Negotiating now will give you wiggle room while determining the terms of the contract and will allow you to budget it into next year’s spending. The price will depend on the size of your property, the number of trees you have and the scope of the services you want handled. Your spring clean up contract will detail all the services your landscape company will provide. The more services provided by the professional, the higher the price tag. Payment terms will also be spelled out. This will include what the rates are for services and when the payment is due.

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Arranging for your professional spring landscape clean up now could see your money in the long-run. You have more time to negotiate prices and decide what and how many tasks you can afford to be completed professionally. You can also better plan our spring budget because you will know the cost up front. Urgent spring clean-up jobs give you no time to source professionals and shop around for rates.  That means you could pay the highest price possible. And needing something done immediately could cost as much as 50%-100% more than if you already had an arrangement in place.

No matter how well you prepared in autumn, there is always a lawn and landscape mess come spring. Don’t spend the winter worrying about it, contact the professionals at Twin Oaks Landscape in Ann Arbor, MI today.