February 13, 2018

Investing in a commercial landscape is the same as investing in a company’s image.

Some businesses may spend astronomical amounts of money on marketing and company image initiatives, and commercial landscaping can play a big role in company image as well.

Business owners should treat investments in proper landscaping in a similar manner to how they treat marketing investments.

Consider the following reasons why a great landscaping design adds value to a commercial property and think about what you could do with your own commercial property.

Outdoor Area with fountain at commercial propertyBoost Property Value

Business owners who own their commercial properties and property owners who lease commercial properties to businesses can increase their properties’ values with landscaping. Outdated planting arrangements, overgrown foliage, and clashes between architecture and landscaping diminish a commercial property’s curb appeal and ultimately its value. Investing in proper landscaping now can make the property more attractive to a potential buyer in the future.

An outdated, overgrown, or poorly planted landscape will not only cost more to maintain, but it isn’t doing the company any favors in terms of image. By investing in proper landscaping with less demanding maintenance, commercial property owners can attract future buyers with the promise of painless, low-cost upkeep. Some landscaping projects may even create energy savings for potential buyers, too.

Attract New Business

The biggest boost in value that comes from landscaping is the improvement of a company’s relationship with customers. Customers and partners visiting a commercial property will have more confidence doing business with a company that maintains attractive landscaping.

A reinvented commercial landscape will attract new business as well.

For smaller companies invested in their communities, landscaping can help make a bold statement about a brand and its place in the community.

Your surrounding community will appreciate a company with a well-maintained commercial landscape more than a basic or shoddy one.

Your landscaping contractor can assist you in making landscaping decisions based on the area’s climate, history, natural vegetation, and company image.

These choices are important for creating visual interest, but they also have long-term effects in the form of maintenance costs and upkeep.

A beautiful planted display may look fantastic for a few months out of the year, but without the right planning expertise, the design may become too expensive to maintain the desired effects.

Landscaping contractors use the contrast between existing building, hardscape structures, and plantings to create visual interest, and they do so with long-term costs in mind.

While it may seem like a stretch to say landscaping improves customer relationships, it’s key to remember that human beings are very visual creatures. We have a tendency to make immediate judgments and assumptions based on appearances.

Businesses rely heavily on appearances and visual first impressions. A properly arranged and maintained commercial landscape will create more compelling first impressions for new visitors to the property.

An appealing commercial landscape may even be the tipping point that convinces a potential customer to visit the business and make a purchase.

A well-maintained exterior will immediately give onlookers the impression of an equally impressive interior, inviting them to step inside and investigate.

If you were to decide between two essentially identical businesses, one featuring well-maintained landscaping, and the other showing poorly maintained grounds, how would this affect your decision?

If the property conveys value, the customer will feel more confident doing business there.

Increase Employee Productivity

Happy employees are productive employees, and coming to work every day to see a dull commercial landscape isn’t very inspiring. Property owners can make creative planting choices and other landscaping decisions that flow with the building’s architecture to make the property more welcoming.

Outdoor patio with wooded furniture and plantsSome business owners may want to invest in specialized landscaping features for employees, such as outdoor eating areas, manicured courtyards, and indoor foliage.

Transforming enclosed courtyards or breezeways into outdoor breakrooms or gathering spaces can be a refreshing change of pace for employees who are typically stuck behind desks for most of their work days.

Hardscaping choices like covered patios and gazebos can also empower employees to have more meaningful and impactful interactions with customers.

Your employees may have an easier time speaking with potential clients or buyers in a comfortable outdoor setting than in stuffy conference rooms, and prospective employees will be impressed with the professionalism conveyed by your property.

Energy Savings

Landscaping directly impacts a company’s operating costs in several ways. Businesses not only have to pay for regular maintenance and upkeep but other utilities as well. Landscaping can actually translate into energy savings in several ways.

Many commercial landscapes require sprinkler systems and other water fixtures, and a poorly designed landscape may waste water and lead to higher bills. Similarly, planting shrubs, hedges, and other plants near a building’s access points and windows can provide natural insulation. Over time, this will decrease heating and cooling costs for the company.

Drainage Solutions

Drainage efficiency is an important aspect of your landscape, affecting its long-term performance and surrounding structures. Too much or too little drainage can impact the health of your plants, along with flooding and erosion concerns.

Your landscaping contractor should carefully plan your landscape infrastructure, incorporating efficient sloping patterns and guttering systems, and installing sump pumps where needed.

Flooding and irrigation problems can cause a host of unflattering and hazardous conditions, and proper maintenance and design here are essential.

Return on Investment Over Time

As a commercial property owner, proper landscaping can translate to higher retention rates and keep occupancy consistent. Tenants are far more likely to take care of the interior of a property when the exterior is attractive and well-maintained.

High-quality landscaping also justifies higher rental rates, as potential tenants will be willing to pay more to occupy a beautiful property.

Renters and business owners alike will enjoy several long-term returns on the investment in proper landscaping. Ultimately, proper commercial landscaping affects a business’s bottom line in various ways, like employee productivity, utility costs, maintenance costs, and improved customer experiences.

The initial investment in a landscaping overhaul will absolutely pay for itself in a short time thanks to these benefits.

Choosing the Right Landscaping Contractor

Business owners need to treat their relationships with landscaping contractors in much the same way as any other business partnership. The landscaping contractor wants your future business and has every reason to put forth maximum effort with any landscaping project.

Your landscaping contractor should take the time to assess the natural environment, planting options, hardscapes, and maintenance costs over time.

On the other side of the table, business owners and property owners need to be confident in the contractors they hire to produce high quality, economically sustainable results.

Business owners and property managers should take the time to get to know their landscaping contractors, their past work, business models, and billing structures.

Commercial landscaping is equal parts form and function.

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