February 6, 2018

Property owners can leave money on the table by not investing in their outdoor spaces.

Through incorporating hardscape features like patios, you can boost a company’s value, generate more interest from potential customers, and maximize earning potential for businesses.

An outdoor space, like a patio, increases occupancy during warmer months, providing opportunities to drive business and offer different services.

“Hardscape” fixtures are any immovable, man-made structures on a commercial property like buildings, signs, gazebos, balconies, walking paths, gathering spaces, and more. One of the best hardscape features for virtually any commercial landscape is a hardscaped patio. Hardscaped patios create visual interest for visitors on a commercial property and serve various functions in all types of weather.

Hardscape patioWhy Choose a Hardscape Patio?

A hardscape patio is a great way to complement the natural elements of the commercial property while providing additional functionality. A hardscape patio may make a business’s entrance more obvious and inviting or create an additional outdoor area for seating or private functions.

Hardscaping options translate to practical savings and more visual interest at the same time, so property owners should think carefully about how hardscape patios can improve the visual appeal of their commercial properties.

Create More Gathering Spaces

A hardscape patio will naturally invite people to gather and socialize.

A hardscape patio nestled alongside a breezeway or leading outdoors from a conference or break room provides a space visitors to relax and wait for appointments, for employees to enjoy break times, and can even function as meeting spaces for collaborative projects and interviews when the weather is pleasant.

It’s easy to add tasteful creative flair with a hardscape patio as well. Good landscaping contractors will take advantage of the climate, seasonal colors, and natural vegetation of the area to develop a list of the best options for building materials, layout, and select features.

Many hardscape patios showcase elements like fountains, amphitheater-style seating areas, built-in benches, tables, and chairs, and even cooking grills or bars for some locations.

Additionally, your landscaper can integrate plants and floral arrangements with your hardscape design, which accents the space, and builds eye-pleasing background scenery.

Attract New Business

Bench and flowersBusiness owners and property managers can inject personality into their commercial landscapes with hardscaped patios. A hardscape patio is a great opportunity to highlight what’s special about a business and promote the company’s place in a community while inviting potential customers to come inside and learn more about what the business has to offer.

Patios can also provide multifunctional use during winter months. Adding enclosures and heated areas can transform your patio into a comfortable cold-weather space, providing flexibility and additional occupancy for businesses.

Winter event planning for enclosed or heated patio areas can include outdoor receptions, luncheons, and presentations complemented by fresh air and beautiful scenery year-round.

Experienced landscaping contractors know how to blend the natural elements and plants within a commercial landscape to accent the hardscape features, creating an interesting visual contrast.

A well-designed hardscape patio provides form as well as function.

A good landscaping contractor will help a property owner make astute design choices that boost the most attractive aspects of the commercial landscape and draw visitors’ eyes to the business.


Hardscape patios provide environmental bonuses as well as functionality and improved visual interest. Some hardscape patios are permeable, allowing rainwater to seep through the hard surface and into the ground below. This can help with onsite irrigation.

Additionally, some hardscape patios will absorb moisture, but not heat. This can produce a cooling effect for those employees and customers utilizing the patio space.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) system may also award extra points to facilities with permeable hardscape patios. Making environmentally sound design choices on a commercial landscape not only produces more visually interesting and cost-effective results but also reduces carbon footprint and leads to better LEED ratings. Considering the importance of environmental awareness to the general public, a high LEED score can attract customers, partners, investors, and new talent.

White bench and flower boxTexture and Visual Appeal

It’s not difficult for many businesses to have hardscape patios designed with company image in mind. Your landscaping contractor should offer several design choices that emphasize the natural elements of the commercial property while highlighting areas of interest.

Depending on the color, texture, and layout of a hardscape patio, businesses can include logos, names, and even directions in their hardscape patios.

There are countless options for hardscaping, including brick, concrete, flagstone, and many more. These stones not only provide more color and visual interest but texture as well.

Flat, uniform textures in earthy tones contrast well with vibrant flowers and organic textures. Your landscaping contractor should take the foliage in the area into account when suggesting hardscaping options.

Year-Round Value

Hardscape patios may require occasional power-washing, but these structures don’t necessitate a great deal of maintenance. Patio spaces are easy to clear during snowy winter weather, can handle spring rains, and offer comfortable outdoor gathering spaces in temperate weather.

Once you install a hardscape patio it will continue to provide value and function year-round, adding a consistently well-maintained and flexible space to your property.

Depending on how you design your hardscape patio, taking advantage of the property’s existing architecture and other hardscape features can produce flattering results in any weather.

During winter months, evergreen trees, shrubs, and hedges will contrast well with the earth tones of a hardscape patio, and the colorful flowers of spring will create amazing effects once they bloom.

Built-in stone walls and seating areas can offer a bit of privacy for outdoor meetings and provide shade during summer months.

Hire the Best in Ann Arbor

Businesses in the Southeast Michigan area have a lot of potential when it comes to hardscape patios. Install these structures any time during the year and visitors are sure to take notice.

At Twin Oaks Landscape, we have more than twenty years of experience providing hardscape services, including patio installation and design, landscape incorporation, enclosure additions, and other planning options in the Ann Arbor area.

Reach out to Twin Oaks Landscape to learn more about our hardscape patio options and start developing a plan for a hardscape patio on your commercial property today.