March 6, 2017

The care and maintenance of your commercial property’s landscaping can impact everything from curb appeal to water consumption and more. In some communities, such as apartments, office buildings, and retail centers, regular landscaping maintenance tasks must be performed almost weekly to tend to the needs of the property. While many properties have ongoing maintenance needs, there are also seasonal needs that must be considered. You can better plan out your commercial property maintenance services throughout the year when you focus on these points.


Seasonal Landscaping Maintenance Needs

In a cold weather climate, commercial property owners must take steps seasonally to provide the best care for vegetation and landscaping features. For example, each fall before the first freeze, property owners should winterize their irrigation systems. If you fail to perform this step, you may have to deal with burst pipes in the irrigation system and costly repairs, damage to vegetation, and more. Likewise, in the spring, when temperatures rise, the irrigation system must be brought back online. This allows you to irrigate the landscaping as needed throughout the warm months of the year. In addition, to irrigation system maintenance, raking leaves, fertilizing the lawn, aerating the soil, and mulching, the flowerbeds must be tended to seasonally.


Year-Round Maintenance Tasks

While there are many seasonal landscaping tasks that require attention throughout the year, there are also year-round tasks that must be addressed by property owners. Lawn mowing services, weeding services for your beds, tree and bush trimming services, and more are required throughout most months of the year. Commercial property maintenance services can generally be customized to fit the exact needs of the property. Professional services will greatly reduce the amount of time and effort needed to maintain your landscaping in great condition year-round.


A Comprehensive Maintenance Service Plan

Very few commercial property owners handle landscaping tasks on their own. Some have an on-site groundskeeper who will handle the work for them, but most outsource landscaping tasks to a professional crew. When looking for a professional landscaping company to hire, search for a company that offers the full range of services you need throughout the year. In addition, look for a company that will take the lead on developing and implementing a year-round plan for the care of your landscaping. This will ensure the best care of your property while minimizing the amount of time and attention you need to focus on this task.


A key component to property maintenance involves lawn and garden care. These tasks can improve your property’s curb appeal and bolster property value. They can affect how customers and clients view your property and your business. They can also impact property condition, erosion, energy efficiency, water conservation, and more. However, caring for your landscaping features requires a considerable amount of time and effort. A smart idea is to look for a skilled landscaping team to assist you with developing and executing a landscaping maintenance plan for your commercial property.