February 27, 2017

frozen yard with plants and iceWhen you live somewhere far north, it is important to take steps to protect your yard from the full force of winter. Taking advantage of a professional landscaping company that specializes in winter services is a smart move. Here are the ways to create a yard that can stand up to the frost.


Preparing Your Yard for Winter

Getting your yard safely through winter starts with preparing it in the fall. It is a good idea to fertilize your lawn in the fall so that it will be primed and ready for new growth in the spring. Choose a fertilizer that has a phosphorus level between 10 and 15 percent. Phosphorus promotes new root growth, which is essential for your plants to make it through the winter as hardily as possible.


You should always leave your grass long heading into winter. Keep the final mow at a height of two or three inches to create a cushion of grass that will help protect your soil over winter.


One of the overlooked ways to use fall to your lawn’s advantage is to let the leaves stay on it through the winter. The leaves will decompose over the winter and enrich your soil. Instead of spending a bunch of time raking or blowing your leaves, think about letting them sit there for a natural way to turbocharge the growth of your lawn next spring.

Stay off the Grass

The most important time of year to stay off the grass is winter. Any kind of walking on the grass will damage it greatly when it is frozen over. Try to keep your kids and pets off your grass as much as possible during the winter to protect your lawn.


Winter Watering Is Crucial

If you want your lawn and other plants to remain healthy throughout the winter, it is crucial to water the soil when it is not covered by snow. Wet soil retains heat much better than dry soil. Regular watering of your yard will keep frost out of the soil as much as possible. Try to give your lawn a half-inch of water weekly during the winter to keep your soil properly hydrated.

Just because it is winter, it doesn’t mean your lawn or other plants have to die. If you consult with a professional landscaping company that specializes in winter services, your yard will make it in good shape through the worst of winters. Make sure that you follow the necessary steps in the fall to protect your yard for the winter. Getting into your fall preparation will ensure that your yard is ready to burst forth with new life in the spring.