Do you have an area of your yard that just needs something? Sure, you’ve added plenty of flowers and bushes, but still it is just lacking that character that is needed. A retaining wall may be the thing you are looking for in your next landscape project. These walls can take the landscape to a whole new level, literally. If the yard has a steep slope or an area that needs to be enclosed, this is a perfect idea. These types of walls are very popular around the Ann Arbor area; they look good and can serve a practical purpose.

Selecting The Best Type of Retaining Wall

There are different types of retaining walls, but the easiest is the interlocking concrete variety. These blocks don’t require any mortar and are easy to put up and take down. Some say working with these blocks is as easy as child’s play. It kind of is the same philosophy. Simply place the bricks on top of each other and keep stacking until the desired look is achieved. If a mistake is made, it can easily be taken down or moved to accommodate the vision for your space.

Of course, there is always the poured concrete wall variety. While these require a bit more legwork to start, they are permanent and can really give a home curb appeal. These retaining walls will probably require professional assistance, as pouring concrete is not an easy job. Another type of retaining wall is the classic brick. This will require mortar to set it in place, but it creates a fabulous look. This is another job that requires professional help, as brick can be difficult to lay and it is permanent.

Retaining Wall Ideas Inspiration

The Benefits to A Retaining Wall

While the different varieties are important, most important is the reason why a wall is essential. First, they can help control erosion. Since the Ann Arbor, MI area does get a fair amount of moisture during certain seasons, those who have areas that are prone to erosion should consider a retaining wall. The yard that needs dimension can also benefit. It can add or create new planting areas and can give a lackluster landscape depth.

Tips For Creating Retaining Walls

• Creating a curve design will take more block or square feet of concrete than a straight wall. This will affect the cost.
• These jobs should be handled by professionals. When using materials such as brick and concrete, it can be very costly if a mistake is made.
• A level foundation is the key to any wall. The walls surface must be leveled to get a great finished product.
• When a property has slopes, the foundation must have a trench dug. However, this is why having a professional from the Ann Arbor area is imperative. They know what it takes to create great curb appeal using walls.

Before beginning any project like this, draft what the finished product should look like. What elements do you want to add and what can be avoided. Have a budget in mind and this should be able to tell you what kind of wall you can create. If you’re looking for assistance for your next retaining wall project, contact Twin Oaks Landscape, in Ann Arbor, MI today.