July 13, 2017

Ground cover is a great way to embellish your yard to the max without much effort. With a ton of benefits, it’s clear that ground cover is the way to go. From filling in gaps to conserving water, there’s no reason not to bring in some extra plants for your yard.

Ground cover thrives beneath mature trees

1. Water Conservation

Most new homeowners are surprised to find out that a fresh, green lawn actually takes a lot of water. Even if you’ve gotten used to the water obligations your lawn requires, there are other options out there. Your home is sure to stay stylish even when planting alternatives to traditional green grass. Not only that, but the environment will thank you, too.


2. Maintenance

Just like your green grass needs a lot of regular water, it also requires plentiful maintenance. Although you can easily get outside and mow your lawn or hire someone else to take care of it, why not avoid hassles altogether? There are plenty of ground-covering plants that are sure to look great without needing as much care as a traditional green lawn. Not only will you save on water, but also, you’ll free up some time as well.


3. Money

With both water and maintenance in mind, it’s easy to see how much money you’ll save when you simply switch to a better set of plants. No matter which plants you choose, you’ll ultimately keep your wallet full. Without costly payments to your local lawn-care professionals or water bill, ground cover can be a seriously stylish option for any lawn out there.


4. Beauty

You’d think that the plant with the highest water and maintenance needs would be the most beautiful, but in reality the world of plants is much more nuanced. The following plants will bring some elegant color into your yard while actually making your life easier:

  • Bugleweed
  • Red Creeping Thyme
  • Baby’s Breath

Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a lawn with large patches of color and bold accents is often a much more pleasing choice than a simple green lawn.


5. Erosion

In some environments, it’s simply not practical to introduce a water-consuming plant like lawn grass into the environment. With droughts and water limitations, some lawns simply remain bare. Unfortunately, this leaves the soil susceptible to erosion, especially when on an incline. With plants like Chamomile and Hosta, the roots keep the soil together without requiring an excess of water or care. Keeping your landscape intact has never been easier, even in an arid environment.


6. Landscape Solutions

Do you ever have that one spot in the yard that needs a little something else? Sometimes, a patch of Blue Star Creeper or some stone-covering Kinnikinnick is all your yard needs to have that special something it deserves. Overall, you can solve nearly any landscape design problem with some accents and ground-covering plants.


With these tips in mind, you’ll have no problems turning your green lawn into a water-conserving, money-saving oasis. From stylish flowers to elegant moss, it’s easy to make the most of nature. Landscaping doesn’t have to be a hassle, especially when you have plants like these.