There are many people in Ann Arbor that are fighting erosion and yard flooding by having one of the many different styles of ground covers that are made available to them by landscaping professionals. There are many different types that are available to fit almost anyone’s budget. This means that homes that are built on inclines no longer have to worry about soil erosion after rainfall. Instead, the many ground covers Ann Arbor residents are utilizing in their yards are using its root system in order to hold the soil in place. Not only does this equate to less erosion maintenance, but it also adds a personal touch to the yard.


Many people are attracted to the fact that different ground covers offer different levels of durability. Grasses, and other ground covers, that are specially engineered to handle high traffic areas, due to deep root systems, are the most resilient organic ground covers Ann Arbor residents can use to increase the aesthetic value of their yard, while maintaining durability through a uniform ground cover that both looks great and can handle people, and animals, treading on them.


There are some people that want to make sure that their choice of ground covers Ann Arbor residents have available to them are going to do the intended job. The easiest way to make this happen is to make sure that whatever type of ground cover that they use is one that is going to perform well, and look good. There are some covers that are available to people that look good, but they are not meant to be walked on. This is perfectly normal. Most people prefer to use several different types of covers in different areas so that they can receive the best functionality out of each product. By using multiple products that can make sure to specifically target those areas that need special attention, and avoid over protecting areas that do not need it. This can end up saving the homeowner thousands of dollars.

Low Maintenance

One of the most popular features of ground cover is the fact that not much has to be done to it in order for it to perform properly. For example, a lawn simply needs to be watered and cut every so often. This is an ideal medium to use for people that are looking to maintain a traditional looking yard, but want to add protection to certain areas that may be prone to water erosion. There are also other people that prefer to use stone, or crushed gravel, since this medium is very low maintenance. At most, the only thing that needs to be done to this medium is to clear the debris out from the stone every few weeks, and to rake the stones for added aesthetic value periodically.

It is important for people that have water erosion problems to install ground cover as soon as possible. This will help the soil to stay in place. This, very often, translates to less yard work that has to be performed.