February 10, 2018

If you are like most Ann Arbor property owners, then you want a yard design that adds curb appeal to your home along with value. When you are short on ideas, then a stop on a professional landscape company website can give you plenty of new inspiration for your yard. Michigan homeowners can watch what plants do in the wild to give them innovative ideas that are easy to care for and maintain.

Outdoor Living space with pergolaCreate an outdoor living space that everyone will enjoy

Ann Arbor property owners may want to consider adding just one item to the yard if you do not have a shade tree to enjoy. A professional landscape company can recommend the best tree type for your soil and location. Remember that Michigan homeowners who use natural shade can save money on utilities when the hot, summer months are in full force.

Choosing low maintenance options helps you get your yard work done fast

One thing that Michigan homeowners can do to minimize the yard chores is to install a pebble garden or walkway. Using materials like rocks, lawn edging, and pavers help decrease the mowing surface making it faster and easier to care for your yard each week. Ann Arbor property owners may want to add a fire pit where you can have a group of friends over for some drinks and fun conversation. Making sure the fire is out, and a quick sweep the next day is all that you need to do to keep the space clean and tidy. A professional landscape company can give you tips on what materials work best, and the best size for your yard and budget.

Adding pops of color is a welcoming trait of stunning yards

House Logic says that Ann Arbor property owners can put color splashes in the yard by using tinted mulch. The lawn cover comes in a variety of hues like pinks and purples so that you can match it to your yard design. You can save yourself the hassle and time of doing the work by letting a professional landscape company do the installation. The best part is that you have less weeding to do when they are done, and your yard is full of beautiful colors.

Hire a professional landscape company to do the upkeep

Michigan homeowners that do not want to spend the time or energy in the yard can hire a local landscape expert to refresh, redesign, or maintain the lawn. They will come on a regular schedule to mow the grass, water flowers, add fertilizer, and feed the lawn. This help means that you can sit back and enjoy your yard without worrying about having a green thumb.

To get and keep an appealing yard, Michigan homeowners can ask local landscapers for help installing fire pits, fountains,  dry gravel beds, and many other features. You can have a beautiful and functional yard that does not take hours to weed, mow, and trim. Consider using recycled materials like tires for a unique landscaping material.