December 6, 2023

While some customers come to Twin Oaks Landscape for new additions to their property, other customers need our services when old features in their yard need to be upgraded. An old deck may have served the homeowners well, but when it was time for a replacement, Twin Oaks was ready to step in with some much needed updates.

Project Overview

These northwest Ann Arbor homeowners were ready to update their backyard area from an old deck that was rotted and falling apart to an outdoor living space that was modern and usable. The family found Twin Oaks Landscape via a web search and spoke with our experts for the best way to transform their old features and upgrade their outdoor living space. Our team at Twin Oaks Landscape helped these homeowners design a new outdoor area that required a complete removal of the rotting deck and the installation of steps coming from the house and leading to an intricately designed paver patio.

The Twin Oaks Landscape Solution

Removing the deck and creating a new outdoor living space meant a big redesign for these homeowners. In addition to the steps and patio, we designed a sitting area with new outdoor lighting, allowing the space to be used day or night. The completed patio was approximately 350 square feet with a 10 foot sitting wall. The patio design with the radius area around the sitting wall is a major upgrade from the previous deck. Once the hardscape features were completed, the homeowners selected several different plants for the border to help define the space and add some cozy beauty to the property.

Materials Used

The materials we used included Fendt tumbled pavers for the patio. The steps and sitting wall were built with Fendt stonegate stones. The patio was constructed with an intersected geometric shape involving an intricate pattern of different colored pavers. With this construction, the patio is not only functional as an outdoor living space, but will also provide its own aesthetic enhancement to the surrounding landscaping. Lighting was installed into the steps and sitting wall to enhance the space, and ProTrade lighting products were used.

Fendt pavers are made in Michigan and they are a local pioneer in the design and production of innovative paving stones. The pavers are high-density with exceptional strength that can hold up to our Michigan weather, as they absorb a minimal amount of moisture and will therefore resist the effects of the freezing and thawing cycle. Not only are Fendt pavers superior in function, they are designed with beauty in mind. ProTrade lighting systems are also designed to withstand harsh weather environments. Their simple design will fit with any outdoor aesthetic and will perform reliably for many seasons.


The project progressed smoothly, and the homeowners upgraded their original materials to a tumbled paver for the patio and an extra design for a radius as the sitting wall was being installed. The final result exceeded their expectations. They are completely happy, love every piece of their new outdoor living space, and are looking forward to using it for many years. If you’ve been thinking about updating your outdoor living areas, contact Twin Oaks Landscape to learn more about how we can help.