September 27, 2023

A boundary wall is there to protect a home or business as well as to provide aesthetic appeal, and this was apparent to this Ann Arbor bank. When a car was driven into the existing boundary wall and the wall was damaged, a replacement was needed, and these clients took the opportunity to not only replace, but to enhance their boundary wall. Keeping the landscaping of a commercial property well-maintained and periodically improving and updating it is a way a business can demonstrate their pride in their community presentation. Turning to Twin Oaks Landscape was an easy decision for this downtown Ann Arbor bank.

Project Overview

As a current client with Twin Oaks Landscape for year-round maintenance, they knew they had a partner they could trust to handle designing and installing a replacement boundary wall. The business was happy with the size of the wall, but they were ready to not only replace the damaged wall, but to upgrade it as well.

The Twin Oaks Landscape Solution

The project was started in April 2022 and was completed throughout the summer, finishing in August 2022. The team focused on retaining the same size wall with the same footprint and distance from both the street and the property, but presented a variety of wall block solutions that would enhance and update the wall, giving it a fresh modern look. The boundary wall, once installed, is 2 feet high and 48 linear feet. Once the work on the property began, it progressed smoothly. There was a brief parking permit issue, but once that was resolved, there were no additional setbacks. Our team worked closely with the bank to ensure that they would be able to conduct their business throughout the project with no disruption.

Landscaping Features

Our team used Fendt Wall Block Stonegate non-tumbled stones with wall caps for the wall itself, and 6A stone for the aggregate with geo-grid fabric. Our team knew that this would be a much needed upgrade to the existing and damaged wall. These materials provide a modern and clean look that showcases the features of the bank. The result was a 48 foot wall with clean lines.


This commercial customer was not only thrilled with the end result of the new boundary wall, as it provided a much needed upgrade to the old wall damaged by the car accident, but they were extremely happy with the work of Twin Oaks Landscape, as our team was able to get the job done without infringing on the business hours or access to the bank itself. We at Twin Oaks Landscape take pride in all the services we can provide to our customers, from year-round commercial property maintenance, to installation, repair, replacement, and upgrades of various hardscape features. To learn more about our maintenance service plans, contact us today.