December 27, 2023

Implementing a new landscape design is a big job. Even if you’ve been able to care for and maintain your landscaping on your own, when it’s time to design and install new landscaping, the professionals can make quick work of a large project due to their experience, suppliers, and equipment on hand. These Ypsilanti homeowners found out that a big property is a lot to landscape when you are working on your own, and they called Twin Oaks Landscape to assist them with their landscape installation.

Project Overview

When these rural Ypsilanti homeowners purchased their home in 2017, they started to do the landscaping themselves. Over the course of five years, they found that the property was simply too big and the job too extensive for them to handle on their own. They found Twin Oaks Landscape via a web search and contracted us to do the landscape design and build the hardscapes that would be installed around the house. Since they wanted a modern – but not too modern – look, we worked hard to make sure the design suited their needs and fit in well with the architectural style of their home.

The Twin Oaks Landscape Solution

Because of the scope of the project, our team worked in two phases. After the homeowners worked with us on the design, we focused on the hardscape installation in October and November of 2022. We used a map of the property to find the right balance of hardscapes and softscapes and formed a cohesive plan with the homeowners before embarking on the installations. Once we’d designed the 1600 feet of patios and walkways, we designed a triangle diamond pattern using three different colors to create a shotgun spray pattern. The design work was the main focus of the first phase, and as the installation progressed, we found we needed an extra retaining wall due to the foundation being higher than the walkway. As the project continues into the next phases, we will add the edging and plantings, as well as remove several trees. The planting beds in the next phase will take this project through to completion.

Materials Used

For this project, we used Techo stone products. Techo has a more modern look and is favored by homeowners looking for a modern design. Techo is continually innovating to create products that allow those with an eye for design to transform their outdoor spaces into works of art. Color, texture, and scale are mixed and matched to create a one-of-a-kind design for every client. Techo products are engineered to handle the freezing and thawing temperatures of changing climates, making them perfect for our Michigan weather. The flexible joints prevent cracking while still allowing for the subtle movement needed by outdoor pavers. Techo diamond smooth was used for the patio, with Techo raffinato for the steps and for the retaining wall blocks.


Once these homeowners were working with Twin Oaks Landscape, the project went smoothly. The clients are so happy with the hardscape design and are looking forward to using Twin Oaks Landscape for the second phase of the project later this year. After seeing the success with the hardscapes, they are ready to add the plantings and complete their outdoor living spaces. If you’ve been thinking about adding a new landscape design for your outdoor living spaces, contact Twin Oaks Landscape today!