Keep Your Yard Healthy With Solutions From Twin Oaks

No matter what your yard or common area might entail, one thing is certain:  regular maintenance is required to keep any such area healthy and thriving. Just how much maintenance is required, and what specific kinds your need, depends entirely upon your situation. Perhaps your yard is receiving too much water, or not enough. Maybe certain plants in your yard are dying and you’re not sure why. Maybe your lawn just isn’t thriving the way it should or you’re missing an essential element, one which is keeping you from enjoying the experience of your yard in full. No matter what problem(s) you’re having with your yard, Twin Oaks is standing by to assist you with custom solutions tailored to your specific needs. We have the capabilities and knowhow to solve a whole host of issues, so let us use our experience and expertise to help your yard thrive, no matter what.

What Types of Solutions Are Available?

  • Drainage Solutions: If you’ve noticed pools of water in your yard or overly wet spots in your soil the area might not be receiving the level of drainage necessary to keep it healthy. If this water is allowed to build up it can negatively effect your home, flooding your basement and causing a whole host of issues. Fortunately, Twin Oaks can come up with a custom drainage solution to reverse this troubling scenario with speed and efficacy.
  • Water Features: A properly installed water feature can transform the landscape of your yard or common area, providing a tranquil and relaxing respite from the stresses of everyday life. Let Twin Oaks install something ideal for you today.
  • Irrigation Systems: It’s important to not only have the right amount of water in your lawn but to ensure that said water is going to the correct places and reaching all the plants which require it. We’ll create a custom-installed irrigation system for your Ann Arbor home to make sure your plants receive the help they need.
  • Outdoor Lighting: If you want to install uplighting, path lighting, moonlighting or backlighting in your yard Twin Oaks can help. Outdoor lighting can make your property more secure and beautiful and ease navigation at night.
  • Tree Service: Keeping trees and shrubs healthy can be daunting for the average homeowner, but with Twin Oaks’ help you can keep these important plants looking their best year-round with regular maintenance.
  • Rejuvenation: If your lawn is looking a bit drab or worse for wear just call Twin Oaks. We can help reverse the effects of damage, revitalize your plants and energize and focus your lawn, transforming it into something truly memorable.

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If you’re looking for a landscape maintenance company in Ann Arbor with the services you need for your entire property, contact Twin Oaks Landscape today and ask about our landscape maintenance services for homeowners and commercial properties. We also service HOA properties. Contact us today to learn more.