April 14, 2022

When you choose to have a residential irrigation system installed, you want to find a reliable system to keep your lawn looking great for many years. For someone unfamiliar with irrigation systems, it may be difficult to discern the best. This is where a trusted irrigation specialist can help guide you through your choices and explain the system features that are available to you.Luxury Home in the suburbs with nice landscaping and professional landscape maintenance.

Why an Irrigation System is a Smart Choice

There are many benefits to installing a residential irrigation system. If you want a great lawn year-round with minimal stress, an irrigation system is the right choice. Once your system is installed, you will never need to pull a hose around your lawn or worry about setting up sprinklers to hit the right spots. You won’t need to worry about underwatering or overwatering your lawn or how you’ll take care of your lawn when you are away. Once your sprinkler heads are placed and the system is programmed, you can enjoy a beautiful lawn with minimal effort. In addition to stress-free watering, irrigation systems save water, which is both excellent for the environment and your water bill.

Finding the Right Irrigation System

Finding the right irrigation system is all about quality, reliability, and features for a healthy, well-kept lawn. If you’ve never had an irrigation system installed before, or you have one but it’s old and not functioning the way you need it to, you may be surprised to learn how innovative they’ve become over the years.

  • Controllers

Your system needs to have controllers that are reliable and easy to control. A great system will allow you to program a smart controller with a sensor that can adjust your watering schedule based on the daily weather conditions.

  • Rotor Sprinklers

Rotors are the most effective way to water large areas at lower rates by spreading a stream back and forth, which helps prevent runoff. Ask your irrigation specialist about a system with rotor sprinklers if you have a large lawn.

  • Pop Up Spray Sprinklers

These sprinklers have a nozzle and apply water to smaller areas. These sprays can be calibrated to an area’s shape and soil type, making them excellent for Ann Arbor area homeowners with heavy clay soil. Your irrigation system should offer a variety of sprays to fit any space and application.

  • Sensors

Sensors make conserving water easy, and will lower your water bill while improving your lawn’s health. The sensors react to current weather conditions and will prevent watering during rainy periods. More advanced sensors can work with daily local weather data.

  • Valves

Valves are the most important part of your system, as they open and close to distribute the water. The irrigation system you choose needs to have high-quality valves that are built to withstand the wear and tear of our climate.

Irrigation Specialists Keep Your System Running Well

When you are installing the best irrigation system, you want the right landscaping contractor with a team of irrigation specialists to install the system, service it when necessary, and provide seasonal maintenance, including winter shut down and spring start up. With the right service, your system will consistently perform at an optimal level. When you choose a system, choose a landscape contractor with trained technicians who can handle your irrigation needs as well as general landscape maintenance to keep your property looking its best.

If you’ve been thinking about having an irrigation system installed, our trained irrigation specialists can guide you through the process of choosing the right system with features you’ll enjoy that will keep your lawn looking great. Contact Twin Oaks Landscape to learn more.