November 14, 2019

HOA benefits include snow removal services.

As manager of an HOA in Ann Arbor, MI. or a surrounding area, you may be responsible for removing snow from common areas throughout the HOA community, such as parking lots, sidewalks, and more. While you could just hire a snowplow service when you need one (in which case you’ll be charged a flat rate based on how much snow has to be pushed), you may want to consider a seasonal contract with a local snow plow service, especially considering that this area of the country gets regular snowfall every winter.

What is a Full-Service Seasonal Contract?

The biggest advantage of getting a full-service seasonal contract is that you are guaranteed snow plow services after a heavy snowfall. Without such a contract, you might find yourself waiting in a long line of customers who are contacting local snow removal services for emergency snow removal. You may end up waiting days if this is the case. A seasonal contract ensures that your HOA will be a priority. Another big benefit is that you will know exactly how much you’re spending on snow plowing services every year, making it easier to maintain your HOA budget.

Because every site is different, your contract will be customizable. The area that’s covered and the difficulty involved in clearing snow from these areas will all be considered in your price quote. A good snow plowing service will tailor your snow and ice management service plan to your specific needs. A full-service contract may not only include snow plowing services, but also snow shoveling and snow removal services as well.

Typically speaking, most full-service seasonal contracts run for about three years. This ensures that you don’t overpay during a year of a milder winter but also protects a snowplowing service from being underpaid for doing a significant amount of work during a heavy-snow winter.

What Should be in Your Contract?

The following are some of the things you should look for before you sign a contract with a snow plow service:

  • Insurance Coverage – Make sure that any snow plow service you hired is properly insured. They will be using large vehicles on hazardous terrain, after all. If the vehicle causes damage to any of your property or anyone is injured during the snow removal process, you’ll want to make sure that the snowplowing service is completely insured.
  • Timing of snow removal – You’ll want a snow plow service that can remove snow soon after it’s done falling. It shouldn’t take more than three hours for a good snowplow service to begin work. You don’t want your homeowners waiting around for snow removal for days, after all.
  • The exact scope of service – The contract should include exactly what the snow plow service is being paid to do. This includes what areas they will clear, where they will remove the snow (will they push it away or remove it completely), what type of preventative measures they will take, and what type of materials they will use (you don’t want them to use de-icers that could be hazardous to your plant-life or to children and animals).
  • Multiple methods of communication – A reliable snow plowing service will provide several ways for you to get into contact with them. You don’t want to have difficulty getting in touch right after a severe snowstorm.

If you’re going to hire a snowplow service for your HOA, then consider getting a seasonal full-service contract with a local and experienced snow plow service. These are just a few of the things that you should know about a snow plowing contract and what should be included. For information about our snow plow services and contracts, contact us at Twin Oaks Landscape today.