September 19, 2015

drainage - does your yard look like thisIn Ann Arbor MI (and many other communities), homeowners sometimes consult landscapers about the problem of standing water. The issue usually causes concern. Obtaining an effective solution requires gaining insight into the reasons why water accumulates in some places. Usually, an experienced professional landscaper can assist clients in finding cost-effective solutions for this type of unwelcome problem.

Stagnant bodies of water impacting a residential setting pose a problem for several reasons. These include:

  • Standing water causes inconvenience by creating muddy, waterlogged sections of lawn;
  • These temporary pools attract mosquitoes and other pests;
  • The ponding mars the appearance of residential landscaping;
  • Poor drainage may ultimately damage building foundations, walkways, and other structures.

Fortunately, landscapers often find creative solutions that prevent the development of unsightly pools of dirty water and help improve drainage within the property.

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Five Common Causes

Water collects in yards for a variety of possible reasons. Some of the most widespread include:

A Sloping Terrain

Sometimes low-lying sections of a lawn suffer excessive water runoff, especially at certain times of year. Melting snow and rain typically drain downwards. Stagnant puddles may accumulate in saturated sections of the property; fortunately, landscaping often offers a solution.

Heavy Recent PrecipitationFlooded Park And River

Extremely heavy precipitation over a brief period of time may contribute to the development of temporary ponds in some places. For instance, if the property borders a creek or other waterway, the accumulated runoff following a strong downpour may saturate the ground and impede drainage. Without appropriate intervention, water may remain in certain places for extended periods of time. Sometimes landscapers can help alleviate this problem.

Artificial Obstructions

Occasionally an artificial nearby obstruction (such as a recently paved roadway, a concrete patio or an embedded fence) causes the development of standing water. In many situations, a landscaper can help identify the source of the obstruction and improve drainage.

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Poorly Draining Soil Conditions

Some locations suffer from poorly draining soils. Depending on the time of year and recent environmental conditions, water may collect on the surface. Although even heavy clay soils eventually absorb this moisture, short-term mud puddles and unsightly pools of stagnant water may create problems in the meantime. An experienced landscaper may assist homeowners in this situation.

Significant Vegetation Changes Impacting Gradients

Unplanned vegetation changes sometimes alter drainage patterns. These transformations sometimes impact a lawn significantly, also. For instance, following a brush fire that strips away vegetation, the sudden lack of ground covering creates water runoff issues in some locations. Landscaping may assist this problem.

Landscaping Solutions

Due to this area’s extensive snowfalls during certain months of the year, seasonal drainage issues relating to melting snow pose an especial concern for many residents of Ann Arbor MI. Fortunately, a variety of potential landscaping solutions often exist.

A landscaper evaluates each case individually. The landscaper may explore several possible remedies with clients. These services significantly improve the appearance of affected yards in most situations.

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