February 5, 2020

Nice brick house in winter with snow on the ground and a big pine tree in the front yard.

No one wants to be out in the yard during winter. The grass is covered by snow and there is little to nothing you can do out there. Despite this lull in outdoor activities, homeowners still need winter landscaping services if their yards are to recover well from the harsh winter weather.

Why Should You Bother?

Winter landscaping is more of keeping up on the aesthetics and helping your yard survive the winter elements. The main reasons why you should do it are:

  • It gives you the freedom to decorate and spruce up your lawn and curb hence making your home more appealing despite the cold weather.
  • It is a great way to ensure that your soft and hardscapes survive the winter.
  • Pruning trees in winter keeps them healthy.
  • Winter cleaning and landscaping gives your lawn a head start when spring kicks in. Your lawn will recover faster than those that were neglected throughout the cold season

Pruning or Maintaining Trees and Shrubs

Big mature trees still need pruning, and winter is the optimal time to do it. Broken branches from winter storms might be rare but they must be handled as soon as possible to avoid harming the tree.

Shrubs, on the other hand, should be covered-especially if they are next to roads and sidewalks. The salt used to de-ice the roads could be fatal to plants. Adding more mulch to them will also give them a chance to suck up the tiny bits of moisture they need to survive the winter.

Winterize Your Fixtures

If your yard has fixtures like a sprinkler system, it will need extra care throughout the winter. Even though winterization in itself gives it a better survival chance, you still need someone to inspect and maintain it throughout the season.

Cleaning Up Debris

Finally, you can have the same landscapers who helped with pruning trees in winter gather all the debris the snowstorms might have dragged in. While it might be covered by snow most of the time, letting it pile up means that you will have more work to do once spring sets in. The sooner you get rid of it the better.

Just because everything in your yard looks dead doesn’t mean that you should ignore it until Spring. It is just hibernating, waiting for favorable weather. The constant love and care like pruning trees in winter keep plants healthy, maintaining their health until they are ready to pick up again when the sun starts shining. You’ll reap the benefits of winter landscaping services once the temperatures begin to rise. Landscape service providers know what it takes to winterize your lawn and landscape. Contact us today for more information.