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At Twin Oaks Landscape, we are here to help you design and plan your hardscape and landscape project your yard needs. We are among the top hardscaping companies in Ann Arbor, and we can’t wait to help you plan your next hardscape project.


As a full-service landscaper in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area, we are experienced in regular and seasonal maintenance, drainage, planning and constructing hardscape landscaping and installing irrigation systems on your property.

Interlocking Patio Pavers

A patio with pavers can provide an entertainment oasis for family and friends. When you install a paver patio, our hardscape designers can design it with your landscaping in mind. Patio pavers can provide a hardscape solution for just about any yard type. We can help design a hardscape solution for your backyard, even if you don’t believe it’s usable. Using pavers for your patio gives you limitless options for landscape hardscape design and entertainment value.

HardscapeBackyard Pavers

If you are looking for backyard patio pavers, Twin Oaks Landscape is ready to help you from design to install and can help with seasonal maintenance on your new pavers in the backyard.


Many customers might be worried about the backyard pavers cost associated with installing a paver backyard patio or walkway. Don’t be. Using pavers in the backyard is affordable, and our hardscape designers design your outdoor backyard hardscape with your budget in mind.

Some patio paver companies may not have designers on staff, rest assured, at Twin Oaks Landscape, our experienced in-house hardscape pavers designers can create the backyard oasis and entertaining space you’ve always wanted. If you are searching for an Ann Arbor landscape contractor who does landscape design with pavers, Twin Oaks Landscape designers can help you create your landscape and hardscape dreams. From steps to walkways and terraces, pavers are one of the most sought-after material for your backyard paver project.

Hardscape Retaining Walls

Adding a hardscape retaining wall is an excellent way to add depth and help keep your landscape looking neat and tidy. Whether for form or function, hardscape walls can help divide your property and create a stunning design that integrates seamlessly into your current landscape.

Hardscape Stone

Pavers aren’t the only player when it comes to a beautiful hardscape. Stone hardscapes is a beautiful way to add flair and dimension into your landscape.

When you partner with Twin Oaks Landscape for your landscape or hardscape design project, you’re getting an experienced team to help guide you through exactly what you need, and help you not sweat the small stuff you don’t.

Landscape Patio Pavers

Whoever said that patios were the only paver project for your backyard? Utilizing landscape pavers in your backyard can provide clean lines to your garden and mulched areas. If you’ve never tried landscaping with pavers, they can provide an easy solution for keeping “everything in its place”. From garden edging and mulch beds, to pool areas and firepits.  You can create a one of a kind seating design with pavers for landscaping. Using pavers in your landscaping can open up more area in your yard for entertainment and usability.

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