July 11, 2017

Bird in birdbathBird feeders are beautiful additions to any home, and they bring special guests that make your yard full of life. For many birdwatchers, having a bird feeder is a great way to check out the different species in their area. If you aren’t a bird watcher, there are the other benefits to having a bird feeder in your area. Below are just four of the many benefits that make having a bird feeder a great addition.

Help Provide for the Birds

Birds, like people, need food to survive from day to day. Some of their most favorite snacks are seeds. If you have bird food houses in your area, you will be drawing the different birds in, and you will be rewarding them with food. Filling the food houses with seed or nectar, for hummingbirds, is a great way to ensure that the species around you are filled and thriving throughout the entire year. Not only does feeding them have many benefits to the birds, but it helps you in different ways as well like beauty and education.

Aids in Normal Migrations

Birds migrate from one place to another during the year. However, when they are migrating, it can sometimes be difficult for them to find the food they need to make it from place to place. By setting up bird feeders in your area, you are helping the birds during their instinctive migration patterns. Bird food houses can also help with the normal reproductive successes since the birds are being well-fed.


Great for Education

Bird feeders and other food houses in your yard are not just beneficial to the animals themselves, but they are also beneficial to you as a homeowner. When the different birds and other animals stop at your food houses to enjoy a snack or a meal, you are faced with different species. This is great for those who are wanting to learn about the different bird species or animals that are in your area. You can learn about the colors and migration patterns, and you might even learn more about the species and their part in nature. Having a feeder in your area is a great way to learn and teach others about nature and the animals that surround you.

hummingbird feeding from plant

Feed Other Animals

When you have a bird feeder in your area, you also might attract other animals, especially squirrels. Since squirrels collect seeds and other items for the winter, having a squirrel feeder can draw in these animals, and they might just leave your bird food houses alone. Not only will you be feeding the squirrels, but you can also give them the seeds and nuts they are searching for to store up for the winter time. You might be saving their life while they are preparing for the colder months.


You can find them at many places, but you have probably never considered the many benefits of owning one. Bird food houses and other animal food houses provide many great benefits for the animals and the homeowner. With all of these benefits, why wouldn’t you invest in a feeder of your own? You can help feed the animals, aid in their migration, and learn more about them all at the same time, and you can easily do this by simply putting up a feeder in your yard.