July 30, 2014

For homeowners who enjoy spending time in their garden, a common struggle is keeping animals out of the area. Between squirrels to gophers, there are plenty of pesky critters that enjoy tearing up a perfectly groomed garden when on the hunt for food. To protect the area and reduce the amount of visitors that enter the property, there are several effective methods to keeping the garden in great shape and protecting your plants.White-tailed deer

Use Repellents

Animals and pests are naturally turned off by certain scents, making it important to use predator urine and garlic clips to ward off intruders. Hot peppers and castor oil can also be used, but should be reapplied on a regular basis to remain effective. Many people find it convenient to plant castor bean and fritillaria, which will work to keep animals away on a regular basis with plants that enhance the appearance of the garden. For those who are constantly struggling with rabbits entering the garden, chive plants also work to keep the animals at bay. Different sprays can also be directly applied to the plants, which will keep animals from eating them.

For gardens, coffee grounds not only infuse the soil with nitrogen while increasing the acidity to each plant, but they are a natural repellent for animals. This is most effective on deer, cats, and even slugs who are turned off by the smell.

Other common repellents include:

  • Bloodmeal
  • Bars of scented soap
  • Perfume
  • Coyote or fox urine

Opt for Traps

To catch pesky critters that seem to return to your garden each week, live traps can be used by luring the animals in with crackers or vegetables. Once the squirrel or rabbit is inside the trap, an automatic door will close and keep them secure for a humane way preventing them from returning once they’re released to a new area.

Install a Fence

For those who want a long-term solution that will keep animals out of the garden, fences are a practical option for easy installation that can be for seasonal purposes or Summer Garden Backgroundeven a permanent solution. Mesh fencing, netting, and road covers are affordable for those who want a quick option, while electric fences are ideal for those who deal with deer or rabbits in the area. Use a fence that is eight feet high for deer, as they are prone to jump over shorter fences.

Use Scare Tactics

Another tactic to protecting a garden is to scare animals that feel welcome in the yard with common items that will be natural deterrents. Scarecrows sprinklers often come with motion detectors that can spray animals with water, which will naturally cause animals to flee and become startled.

For those with pets, keeping dogs outdoors can also help to scare away animals and cause them to steer clear of the property. Reflective tape and noise makers have also been proven to be effective methods.