June 16, 2017

We all dream of spending a relaxing evening in a perfectly manicured backyard. Unfortunately, the cost required to landscape a yard can sometimes make that dream seem out of reach. But getting the perfect yard doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. With a little bit of effort and a little elbow grease, you can get a fantastic yard for a fraction of what other people pay. Here are some tips to help you get the yard of your dreams, on a less-than-dreamy budget.


Get a Free Landscape Design

It can be difficult to know where to start when you want to design your yard. Instead of wasting money on trial and error, get a free landscape plan from a local nursery. Take them a rough outline of your lot, and get some professional help coming up with a design plan. Decide where you’ll add flower beds, where you’ll put hardscape, as well as get recommendations for what types of plants grow best in your area. Most people develop their landscaping a little at a time, whenever they have the money. Starting with a plan helps make sure that you only buy plants that fit nicely in your long-term design plan, minimizing waste and costly mistakes.


Shop Springtime Sales

Springtime is always a fantastic time to find good sales at nurseries and big box stores. Many stores offer significantly decreased prices on mulch, plants, seeds, as well as soil amendments. Do yourself a favor and wait until the sales start before you buy anything for your yard. Gather together ads that come in the mail and identify which stores have your desired items for the cheapest price. This will help make sure you’re always getting the biggest bang for your budget.


Divide Your Plants

Instead of spending a lot of money on expensive new plants, divide your existing plants. There are countless videos on YouTube on how to divide a plant. Put your green thumb to use and make the most of the greenery you already have. Dividing your plants not only saves you money in your budget, it helps keep your existing plants from growing too large and cumbersome.


Get Free Plants from Local Neighbors

The internet is a fantastic tool for getting free plants, especially form your local neighbors. It’s not uncommon to find a neighbor who is trying to get rid of a specific tree or plant in their yard. Oftentimes they’ll let you have the plant for free if you are willing to remove it yourself. Always check local community websites or yard sale websites and see what your neighbors are trying to get rid of before you spend money on new plants. Not only will it help get you beautiful plants at a great price, it will also reduce waste.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have thousands of dollars to throw at your landscaping job. Get a landscaping plan, and shop smart. Make sure everything you buy has a purpose, and do as much labor as you can yourself. Follow these tips and in a little while, your dream yard will be a reality.