First impressions are everything. Just imagine you drive up to a home. This is a home you have never been to before. When driving up to this home what is the first thing you notice? The answer, for many is the lawn, of course. If you had arrived to a dying brown lawn filled with weeds, what would you expect the inside of the house to look like. Would you expect it to be in a state of disrepair just as you found the lawn?

Multicolored Flowerbed On A Lawn
Your lawn is an important component of your home’s facade. Proper lawn care is a necessity. In order to keep your lawn as healthy as possible there are several things which you must do. Regular mowing, watering, pest control and lawn fertilization all play an important role in keeping your grass green and your home looking its very best.

Lawn fertilization is an important step in maintaining a gorgeous green lawn. There are many reasons to keep your lawn looking its best but let’s look at some of the basics.

1)Fertilized lawns are more attractive
A fertilized lawn is a healthy lawn. Healthy lawns are more green, lush and attractive. Keeping an attractive lawn also adds to the overall look of your home. For new visitors a lush green lawn will give your home a much more inviting appearance. The easiest way to maintain and protect your lawn is by regularly fertilizing your your yard’s turf.

2)Protect your grass and your investment in your home
Lets face it, home repair and maintenance can get costly. Just imagine all of the money you could spend re-sodding your home every few years. Don’t let your turf fall by the wayside and fall into an unsightly mess. Protect the investment you have made in your sod by keeping it alive and healthy. An expert lawn fertilization service is only a call away

3)Avoid weeds by keeping a healthy lawn
The easiest way to avoid weeds is by not allowing them the room to grow. A healthy lawn prevents weed growth. Pesky weeds have a much harder time laying down roots and growing when your grass is healthy.

4)Avoid puddles, muddy spots and potholes
A thick healthy lawn naturally prevents the build up of water on your lawn. When your grass is thick above the ground the roots are also thick and healthy beneath the surface. The extensive root structure of a healthy lawn is able to absorb far more water than an unhealthy unfertilized lawn.

Luckily for those living in Ann Arbor MI keeping your lawn green has never been as easy. Trust in an expert lawn fertilization service you can place the health of your lawn in the hands of the experts. If you live in Ann Arbor MI and are considering lawn fertilization than look no further than the best. Contact an expert lawn fertilization service today and ask about our rates.