January 24, 2023

There is more than meets the eye in a functional, aesthetically pleasing landscape design. Highly valued landscape designers have the creative talent and expertise for combining both art and science to create customized landscaping and gardens for both residential and commercial properties alike.

Luxury house in suburban neighborhood with flowers, trees, bushes and lawn on the front yard and blue sky background.

At the bare minimum, landscape designers are expected to understand and employ the basic elements and principles in art. Important principles of landscape design include unity, scale, balance, simplicity, variety, emphasis, and sequence as they apply to artistic elements of line, form, texture, and color. These principles and elements are interconnected and exist in every professionally designed landscape plan.

A Landscape designer will also know all about the Science of plants; they will have knowledge about each plant’s particular growth requirements and preferences, which allows them to understand the best location to install each plant for good plant health.

An experienced, local landscape designer will have additional knowledge about a plant’s possible susceptibility to pests or diseases, and most likely will have been trained in Integrative Pest Management (IPM.)

They will have actual experience maintaining landscapes in the field, and be able to address a variety of maintenance needs in your landscaping.

A great landscape designer will have additional experience in the various products and installation methods for proper ‘builds’ for both “hardscapes” (patios, walkways, retaining walls, etc.), And “softscapes” (plantings, soils, etc.)

What to Expect From a Custom Landscape Design Plan

There are many advantages to hiring a professional landscape design service.

The first step will be to determine your unique landscape needs and wants according to your budget, your favored landscape type(s) and/or themes.

When you set up your first consultation, a landscape designer will Inquire about your own maintenance capacity to determine the extent of equipment, materials, tools, supplies and labor that will be needed for the job. They’ll spend some time on your property and will already have some knowledge of the ecology and plants native to your area. They will know your ‘Planting Zone’ and make note of your landscape micro-climates, soils, slopes, and drainage.

Designers think about locations and views from different angles on your property. They take note of outdoor living spaces and windows to factor in what your view will be from these areas and will plan your spaces around these points of interest. They will study the sun and wind patterns, make note of sun and shade areas, and understand which direction things are in. They’ll likely take pictures and measurements, and inventory all Hardscapes and Softscapes you have already.

They’ll start with the ‘Bones’ of your landscape design (pictures, measurements, hardscapes, walkways, trees, & general garden areas) and they’ll make note of points following pathways and different views.

They’ll focus on scale and pacing, and possibly break down the design plan in phases and stages depending on the complexity and size of your property.

It’s common to start with manageable planting beds, and keep an eye toward overall unification and ease of maintenance for your property as a whole.

Landscape designers will provide you with a customized plan for you and your home with plants that are compatible with your preferences and capacity to take care of them, as well as with the plant’s requirements.

Experienced Landscape Design Professionals

Professional landscape companies like Twin Oaks Landscape have experts in the art and science of installation and landscape maintenance for your approved landscape design. A landscape contractor with experienced, knowledgeable, and professional staff and crew members will add a polished look and feel to your property that you can’t achieve on your own. Having a beautiful lawn and landscape is easy with the right help.

We can help your property achieve its landscape potential with our well-honed staff and crews who are experienced with the multiple methods and techniques for proper installation and maintenance of any type of landscape, garden, and plantings. With our optional landscape maintenance service package, we will make sure all of your plants, gardens, and landscapes are healthy, safe, and beautiful now, and for many years to come. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you!