July 29, 2020

Nice modern fire pit with landscape paver surround.

Adding landscape pavers is a great way to add texture to your outdoor spaces. Using landscape pavers can make your outdoor area look elegant and will add contrast to the grass, beds, and other plant life. However, unless you are experienced with landscape design, deciding where to start with landscape pavers can be overwhelming. When looking at your outdoor living space, think about the areas where landscape pavers can add just the right touch.

Using Landscape Pavers for Defining Specific Areas

Landscape pavers are excellent for defining specific areas of your yard. If you have a small pond, water feature, or small garden, using landscape pavers installed around the base can make the area stand out. Using a variety of colors and textures can help these specific areas stand out and become focal points of your outdoor space.


A new patio with landscape pavers can provide a significant upgrade to your outdoor space. Concrete patios often look dull and drab, but using landscape pavers will incorporate interesting designs, colors, and textures. Replacing, extending, or even creating a new patio with landscape pavers will give your outdoor living space a huge aesthetic lift.

Walkways and Garden Paths

Walkways can lead wherever you would like traffic to flow in your outdoor space. A walkway can go from the driveway to the front or back door, to a pool, gazebo, or other structure such as a shed or detached garage, through a wooded area, around a flower bed, or from the patio to another area. These paths draw your eye to the focal points of your outdoor space. Custom paths and walkways can be built from stone or landscape pavers. A walkway may even disguise an area where grass doesn’t grow well.

If walkways don’t feel right in your outdoor space, using landscape pavers as stepping stones is a good way to add pathways and texture while still allowing the natural elements of your outdoor area to shine through.


Your driveway is the pathway from the street to your home. A well-designed driveway can turn this path from utilitarian to beautiful. No matter the style of your home, landscape pavers can be custom designed to match perfectly, giving your home a touch of elegance and making it stand out in a positive way.

Edging Strips

Lawn edging is both an aesthetic and practical choice. Without edging strips you will spend plenty of time pulling grass out of your flower beds. If you mulch your beds, edging strips will keep the mulch within the bed and off your grass. You can use landscape pavers to add a mowing strip, which will make yard maintenance much easier.

There are so many ways to incorporate landscape pavers into your outdoor space, and once you look at all the ways you can incorporate pavers, deciding where to start might be the hardest part! Your local landscaper can guide you through the process of taking your ideas and making them reality! We have paver experts on hand to help you with the design and installation of your paver project. Contact Twin Oaks Landscape today to talk about your outdoor plans.