June 6, 2017

Not many people spend as much time as they should thinking about their pavements. Like every other part of your home, there are more ways to pave the pavement than you know. The installation of a different type of pavement can update your home’s curb appeal and change the entire appearance of your home overall.

On the other hand, using the wrong paving material could be the reason your house looks drab and dated. Below is a handy guide that can help you determine the ideal paver in Ann Arbor Michigan.


Concrete Pavements

Concrete is the oldest standby material for roadways. There are two main reasons for most suburban homes opting for this material. The first reason is that it is durable, and the second reason is that it is virtually, maintenance-free. However, the material also has a downside. For instance, concrete stains quickly, especially, if you are fond of making car repairs that could lead to oil spills on the pavement. Also, if you live in cooler climates, it might not be advisable to have a concrete pavement, because it will need frequent removal of ice, which breaks down the concrete.

Asphalt Pavements

An asphalt pavement is made by combining sand, rock, asphalt, and cement. Most of these pavements typically come in basic black, but you can stamp different designs onto your pavement to make it unique. The material is popular because it is easy to install and cheap. If you have a vast and long pavement to cover, this is the ideal material for you. On the other hand, you will need a lot of maintenance to keep the pavement looking fresh and to get long service out of it.

Gravel pavements

These pavements are made of loose gravel poured into a barrier. If you have a long and winding driveway in the countryside with attractive landscaping, then this is an excellent pavement material. The material is interesting because of the low cost and ease of installation, however, you will have to rake up the gravel from time to time, and replace the gravel every few years.

Brick Pavements

If you want a classic feel to your pavement, then the ideal material to use is brick. A perimeter is created and the bricks are layered across. Even though the cost of a brick is a little more expensive than other materials, when the material is installed right, it can last for decades.


Cobblestone is the ideal material to use when you want to create an old-world feel in your pavement. The great thing about the material is that even though it is a little costly, it can last for decades when it is installed in the right manner. A little wear and tear make it look more classic.

Other materials that can be used for pavements include glass and green alternatives which work best in areas where grass grows easily.

Those are some of the most common types of driveways in the country. When making a selection, think about the cost of installing the path, the cost of maintenance, the local weather, durability of the material, and whether you will be using the way to work on your vehicles. Consult with competent contractors, and make the right choice for your driveway in Ann Arbor, Michigan.