Every year, landscape needs change. Trees shed leaves, fall or break and property damages take place. In extreme cases, there will be power outages and people get injured due to fallen trees. While tree failures are not always predictable, many such incidents can be prevented with proper care. Inspecting your trees for warning signs can avoid a number of potential problems before mishap happens.

Cutting A Tree

What you need to do at this point is inspect the trees in your property before a rainfall or storm. This means watching for significant structural defects in those trees and knowing before-hand if they are going to fall. If a tree is deemed dangerous, you need to keep people, pets and property out of the area as well. So, how do you know if a tree is in danger of falling. Here are the signs to look for and recognize hazardous trees, and reasons to call a tree removal service.

History of the Tree

How well was the tree taken care of in the past and whether the landscape activities have affected its health in any way. These are the first things to learn when inspecting the trees on your land. Construction, tree-topping and trenches may have played adverse role on the trees. The roots may have been disturbed and the tree may have become unstable. You never know unless you call a professional service like our landscaping company in Ann Arbor MI.

Tree’s Posture

It is not necessary that a tree grow straight. Sometimes it may lean due to heavy branches. But when you take a closer look, if the lean is unusual or if you suspect that it is due to previous activity on the property, this could be a serious problem in the future. Also, tree leaning so as to expose the roots around the base is also an indication that it needs to be removed.


Ann Arbor MI tree removal professionals can tell whether a branch is dead or not. Removing such branches is essential and should not be ignored at any cost.

Cavities and Decay Pockets

The trunk or branches of the tree should be inspected thoroughly, especially if it is a larger tree. Peeling barks, hollow or decaying area on the tree trunk are all indications that something needs to be done. Sometimes, it is the dry barks falling off the trunk, other times mushrooms or conks grow mercilessly on the tree base.

Branches Dangling From the Tree

Branches that are attached loosely from the tree are more prone to break and fall. This may result in trees splitting cracking and giving up eventually.

Tree Hangers

Tree hangers are broken branches lodged in the tree, waiting to be removed. Hangers that are heavy need special attention because they may fall unexpectedly causing injuries to people or pet. Tree removal service professionals will remove these hangers meticulously and ensure the safety of everyone around. Also, parts of the tree left on the ground should be removed in order to prevent fungus growth.

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