August 8, 2016

drainage - does your yard look like thisWhile everyone loves and adores having a beautiful lawn, many homeowners put little effort in maintaining it. What many homeowners don’t know is that there is more to focus on than keeping the lawns green with grass and watering. Ann Arbor MI residents need to be careful to avoid problems associated with poorly maintained lawns.

Runoff due to slope

If you are experiencing excessive runoff during rainy seasons it can be because your slope may need adjustment. The slope might be graded down towards the house or away from it causing problems with the run off. This extra water can make lawns ugly and  cause damage to your home. A lawn that is in perfect condition should direct water away for the house. This way, you can protect the house from fungi, mold and other types of water damage.

Visible pools of water

A lawn that has a pool of water in it and marshy soil is a clear sign that there is need to do some work on the ground under the grass. The situation can be worse if the pool is near the house or the foundation because it can destabilize the house and cause potential disasters. In some cases you might find a lawn or a yard on top of a porous soil that convey water pooled down from the yard towards the basement and cause water damage.

Couple Concerned About LawnEroded Area

Erosion is a common problem Ann Arbor MI, especially for homeowners that live in high relief areas. Erosion is more common in homes with uneven lawns. Uneven and inaccurate lawns will cause the water to run off the surface all the way to the garden. In this process, it will most likely carry the top soil and important plant nutrients. This might cause starvation to the plants in the lawn and cause patches. Sometimes, the runoff will carry away the nutrients from the grass and other plants only to encourage growth of stubborn weed and other undesirable plants. After a long time, the erosion can worsen and expose tree roots and the foundation of the house.

Tough Weeds

If your lawn has tough weeds that do not go away easily, you should consider lawn re-grading. Lawns will likely develop areas that are too hard for grass seed to penetrate. Some of these places are overwhelmed by weeds such that grass cannot grow there. Other dead lawn patches can be due to deep-seated matrices of a soil fungus.

Tripping Joints

A lawn might develop holes or rivulets that can negatively affect the survival of trees, grass and shrubs used for decoration in the home. Alongside tripping joints, they can form breeding grounds for mold, weeds and other plants that affect the general aesthetics of the lawn.

The lawn a key element of any home. Taking care of it can increase the resale value of your home in case you want to sell it. In case you are having a serious lawn re-grading issue, it best to contact an expert to address the problems.