August 18, 2020

HOA pruning trees

Twin Oaks Landscape has helped many Homeowners Associations with their common space and private residence landscapes. For many homeowners, the curb appeal from the surrounding homes helps raise their own values.

In addition to serving as an account manager, Twin Oaks’ Steve Scheuring is also a horticulturist. Steve helps guide HOAs in the right direction for native and ornamental plants for their association and their residents. He also consults with HOA committees regarding necessary or desired tree and bush trimming and pruning in their neighborhoods.

Steve was featured in the July 2020 edition of the “Heathers Newsletter” discussing tree pruning. You can read the full newsletter and Steve’s article by clicking the link. Having a horticulturist like Steve on their landscape board helps Heathers maintain the right trees and helps their landscape board identify any problems that may be lurking on a residential property or shared landscaped area.

Late summer and early fall is a great time to get a jump on identifying trees and shrubs that may need a little extra attention before the winter.


Pruning Trees

Mature trees over 12ft should really be left up to a professional. Landscape companies like Twin Oaks Landscape have the proper tools and equipment to properly prune, which encourages healthy growth for your trees. They can also take care of any limbs that may be potentially harmful to you or your home.

Trimming Trees

There are a few rules to follow when trimming your trees for optimal tree growth and health. Making sure you use the proper tools when you trim a tree can ensure success and minimize any potential damage that pruning or trimming your trees might create. Don’t prune freshly planted trees unless there are branches that are damaged or broken. Lastly, never leave a stub. A stub rarely, if ever, fully heals and can lead to decay. When in doubt, contact a professional.

If you’re looking for a professional landscape company to prune and trim your mature trees, give the team at Twin Oaks Landscape a call today.