The Tree And Rood

Tree health is important because trees are a large portion of the landscaping budget. As trees grow and develop, they become even more important and difficult to replace. In order to replace a tree that has had several years of growth will also be terribly expensive. It the tree is replaced with a younger version, the landscape will be drastically changed even when the new tree grows in. These problems can be avoided with routine maintenance. This maintenance includes a year round regimen that entails,


This is often a task that homeowners and regular lawn maintenance are not trained specifically for tree care. In areas that have harsh winters like Ann Arbor MI, tree care is even more important because these trees have to be made ready to endure the ravages of winter. The task of caring for trees throughout the various seasons of the year is better left up to trained tree professionals. These professionals know every species of tree and the particular care that they require to thrive. This guarantees that the homeowner’s and business’ trees will perform to their maximum potential for their entire life span. Tree specialist also can spot the signs of diseases and insect proliferation before they become problems that stress or even kill the tress. The trees natural defenses are also a benefit of healthy trees. This defense is adequate in many cases, and it means that problems never become too severe. Ultimately, it is managing a significant investment.

Mulching, Feeding

Mulching is a necessary part of the regimen. This seems mundane and almost decorative, but it also serves a real purpose. Mulching retains moisture, repels insects, naturally feeds the tree and offers protection in winter. However, even mulch has to be applied properly and at the correct times, or the lack of moisture will be detrimental to the tree. Trees also require a feeding regimen. This regimen will allow the tree to also resist disease as well as alleviate any stress that it will incur throughout the season. Improper feeding can kill a tree. With the proliferation of dozens of fertilizer options, damaging a tree can be real easy for novices.

Pruning, Trimming

A pruning regimen is also a necessary part of caring for trees. This can also seriously damage a tree and make it susceptible to diseases that could easily kill it. Pruning must also take place during the correct seasons. One property can contain trees that need to be pruned at separate times of the year. These problems can become overwhelming, and this could cost an owner their investment. Tree services are the only professionals qualified to understand all the minutia that is related to the health of a property’s valuable trees. These services are also valuable in the planning stages. They can offer advice that achieves the owner’s goals. Some trees are appropriate for climates like Ann Arbor MI, but some are for warmer climates only. This prevents unforeseen trouble as the trees develop. It also gives them the best head start to produce this performance in the future.

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