When you think of creating a beautiful lawn the first thing that springs to mind is laying down sod. If you’re living in Ann Arbor MI you might want to consider the benefits of hydroseeding.

The Benefits of Hydroseeding for Your Lawn Ann Arbor

1. Economical
Using hydroseeding you can expect a great lawn without having to spend as much money on materials or as much hard work as hand seeding or sodding.

2. Great Quality
You will get a better quality of lawn than with the traditional methods. The lawn will have a deeper root system and the new grass avoids the shock of being transplanted into soil it is not used to. This will result in a healthier greener lawn.

3. Better Coverage
With hydroseeding you have the ideal growing environment in the form of interlocking fibers that create a mat, this results in a seam free finish which sod cannot compete with. Also there are no bare patches that can happen with hand seeding.

4. Control Of Erosion
A big selling point of this method is it can be used to protect landscapes from erosion. It will hold more moisture and save the soil from being lost to the wind or washed away by rain. The slurry that binds with the surface soil contains conditioners that will help prevent damage from pests and the sun.

5. Versatility
This landscaping method has become increasingly popular in Ann Arbor MI due to its wide range of residential and commercial uses. It can be used from residential lawns to golf courses, stabilizing eroding hillsides, landfills, wildfire repairs and parks and schools.

6. Lawn Health
Thanks to the slurry materials the ideal micro-environment is created enhancing the germination process and growing a deep healthy root system where the grass will be able to gain the most moisture from the land.

7. Speed of Setting Up
Even though you don’t get an instant lawn using this method the actual labor required to set it up is considerably less than traditional methods. If you add this to the erosion control and extra health, look and quality of the overall lawn you can see why this is an ever more popular choice when it comes to landscaping.

8. Safety
This method is a kid and pet friendly way of creating a lawn. It is completely nontoxic and it makes it an excellent choice for landscaping projects at home or in public areas like parks and schools.

9. Labor
A huge advantage is the job can be done with less manpower. A typical application would involve an average of 3 workers. Normally with traditional methods you would need at least six workers.

10. Water Retention
This method can retain as much as ten times its weight in water. This helps speed up germination and makes for healthier grass. Plant survival is greatest using this method. Retention of water is higher by far than with traditional methods.

To sum up these 10 Benefits should show any resident of Ann Arbor Michigan that this is the best option for creating your dream lawn.

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