February 8, 2023

Winter is the hibernation season. During these short, cold days, it can be hard to look out at your yard and imagine it full of flowers and vegetables, but spring will be here soon. Planning your garden spaces in winter is a great way to get ahead and be ready for the warmer days that will soon be coming.

Person planting a garden, holding a small plant and digging up soil with a spade. Other plants are in the background ready to be planted

Planning Ahead Will Get You on the Schedule

Once the snow melts, landscape contractors’ schedules will fill, and fill quickly. If you wait until spring to call a landscape contractor for help with your garden spaces, you will have a tough time getting a spot on the calendar right away. The earlier you book, the earlier your landscape spaces will get the attention they need to thrive all season. You can share your ideas, your landscape contractor can share their recommendations, and you can prepare for what you’ll need to do to put your designs into action.

Early planning means that you’ll have the full attention of your landscape contractor, and when everyone else is scrambling to find availability, you’ll be enjoying your outdoor living spaces. Important Twin Oaks Landscape steps to get onboard their scheduling; A 50% deposit and a signed Agreement Contract are required to get onto our work schedule. Once a contract is signed, Amendments are easily made for any changes that may be made as your designs and plans are further developed (all the way through the kick-off meeting 1-2 weeks before installations.) Also, note ever possible weather dependent delays.

Get Your Irrigation System Ready for Your Seedlings

An irrigation system is one of the best things you can invest in to keep your landscaping healthy and thriving. If you already have an irrigation system, now is the time to schedule your spring start-up and maintenance with Twin Oaks Landscape. If you don’t have one yet and are considering adding a system, you can speak to a landscape contractor about installing an irrigation system that will best service your lawn and planting beds. If you plan during the winter, you can schedule your installation, spring service, or start-up to coincide with when you plant your garden seedlings, spring planted bulbs, and annuals.

Now is the Time to Design New Beds and Hardscapes

If you’ve been considering expanding your garden beds or adding new hardscape features, our designers and contractors will have more availability for planning and ordering in winter. To get ahead of the spring rush, the time to plan is now.

Before you can start planning your garden spaces, you need to know how much space you are working with. In winter, you can clearly see your best inside landscape garden views (and any need for shading, flowers, or screening!)  Then, when there is a mild day in the forecast, take time to walk around your yard and decide on the views and layouts from outside. With last season’s plantings hibernating, you will really be able to see what spaces you are working with and how and where you want to expand or renovate.

Our landscape designers and contractors will do a walk through with you to plan for your outdoor spaces. Especially if you want to enjoy your garden landscapes in the spring and early summer, it’s a good idea to start at least a season ahead. Any features that will need help from a landscape contractor should be decided on ahead so there is enough time to have an overall design, to get onto our schedule early, and to order materials in a timely manner.

Make Sure You Time Your Indoor Seeds Right

Once the seed catalogs arrive, it’s easy to want to get started as soon as possible. If you are starting seedlings indoors, you may think the earlier you start, the more mature your plants will be when you get them in the ground; but starting too early can actually result in plants that are less healthy. Refer to the seed packet or catalog-they will tell you how early you should start your seeds based on when you can transplant them outside. In this area, most of the ground is ready for transplanted seeds in mid May.  Correct timing, among other things, is important!

Winter Planning Can Get You on Our Schedule Earlier

During the cold and snowy days of Winter, it can be refreshing to plan for the creation of your ideal landscapes and gardens. With the help of your landscape designer, contractor, and some early preparations, you can be among the first to get on our schedule and enjoy a beautiful garden space in the spring and early summer. To learn more about our landscape design and maintenance services, contact Twin Oaks Landscape today!